What´s going on at our Coffee Farms today Do you know?

It´s fantastic to wake up in the morning and smell the fragrance of a great cup of coffee, but do you know what’s going on at the coffee farms right at this moment? Do you know if we are picking coffee during this time, or selecting seeds to grow new plants, or keeping the coffee areas clean? We want to connect you to the origins of our coffee with great pictures from our farms taken yesterday so you can discover what´s behind your cup right at this moment.

To have everything clear, coffee season it’s only once a year. It starts at the end of October and finishes during the month of February or March, but this depends on the quantity of coffee acres the farm has and the elevation above the sea level. The higher the elevation the longer it takes to start and finish the cropping season because of the climate variation. Another important fact to consider is the human capital, if the farm has enough workers then the season will take the right time to start and finish but if the farm lacks enough workers then it will take longer to collect the coffee and they may encounter with problems such as coffee berries falling from the trees because of exceeded maturity.

So getting back to what´s going on now in the farm, the coffee trees started blooming 4 days ago. They are white as snow and smell so delicious, a little bit like fresh lemon if you can relate it with something, but you really have to smell it yourself and be delighted. These flowers only last a week on the trees and these event means that our coffee trees are already getting ready to bring the new fruits for this year.

Another amazing fact that’s going on during this time is coffee seeds starting to grow. We cropped the seeds during last coffee season (within December since it´s right in the middle of the harvesting season, to collect the right maturity and the strongest fruits) and then hand selected in January. We left them in a mixture of soil and thin layer of sand on top so that the seeds can grow and the roots are not broken when transplanted. Coffee takes 40 days to start growing so we have to cover the seedbed with Spanish moss which grows in the farm naturally. We cover it with moss to have a balanced sunlight and irrigation plus to protect each see from others undergrowth.

Yesterday we took the Spanish moss off because it’s time for each seed to develop their first leaves.

We want to keep you posted so you can know exactly how everything works at the coffee farm. Coffee is a very meticulous job because everything has to be done at the right time with no excuses because each coffee tree needs lots of care during its entire life, from the moment it began growing to the 4 years it takes to harvest to the time you need to renew the plantations. But at the end of the day it’s well worth it. We are really proud to provide you with the best quality coffee there is, full of aromas and the rest of elements that makes a great cup of coffee.

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Lorena Altamirano

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