Red Tailed Hawk By deVAUGHN wilson

The red-tailed hawk (Buteo Jamaicensis ) is a bird of prey, one of three species colloquially known in the United States as the "chicken-hawk," though it rarely preys on standard sized chickens. It breeds throughout most of North America, from western Alaska and northern Canada to as far south as Panama and the West Indies, and is one of the most common buteos in North America.The red-tailed hawk displays sexual dimorphism in size, with females averaging about 25% heavier than males. There are fourteen recognized subspecies, which vary in appearance and range. It is one of the largest members of the genus Buteo in North America, typically weighing from 690 to 1,600 g (1.5 to 3.5 lb) and measuring 45–65 cm (18–26 in) in length, with a wingspan from 110–145 cm (43–57.

Created By
DeVaughn Wilson


Created with images by skeeze - "red tailed hawk bird raptor" • edbo23 - "red-tailed hawk hawk juvenile" • Fernie1952 - "red tail hawk cactus desert"

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