Ask, Believe, Receive

2021 I'm going to be an actress. When I was 12 I never really like to laugh at movies or shows. I always kept a straight face. All of a sudden when I watched Rush Hour 3 I laughed throughout the whole movie. I knew that acting was fun and people laughed in the movie when they wasn't suppose to.
I want to meet Angelina Jolie and Cameron Diaz because they inspired me to act. When Angelina jolie was 8 she said to her parents that she wanted to act. When Cameron Diaz was 20 she played in the famous movie The Mask.I love then both and I hope to meet them one day.
Before I die I want to deep sea dive That's a promise to myself because I wanted to deep sea dive when I was 12. Know that I think about it everything happened when I was 12. I love sea creatures. I use to watch animal planet just to watch fishes and what they are. My favorite fish is Betta fish.
In 2025 I will be 25. when i'm 25 I want to be married and a mother with 6 kids. I want to be a good mother and a good wife.
I wan to help the Children of African in 2023 when I become famous of acting. People say that Africans have Ebola that's why they don't wanna go help. The reason why they have that disease is because no on isn't helping.
I want this Galaxy edge because its like the most beautiful phone I've ever seen. So in 2018 i'm getting this phone.
Look how B-E-A-UTIFUL this car i 2018, 1 year from now I will get that car I still don't know what color I want but other than that I will get this car.
The 2 dogs that I want are a saint Bernard and a great Dane the most 2 big buddies that I want.The saint Bernard I want to be girl and her name is Dutch's and the Dane will be all black and his name is Mason.
By 2018 I want my hair to be 18 inches of length.
Every since i was 12 I always wanted to go to pairs. Every since I watched rattitue I always wanted to go to pairs because of its beauty.
6 children in (9 years from now) 2025. I want six kids because my great grandmother had 6 kids then my grandma mom mom's had six kids so its like I want my generation to grow more and to keep going.
69 Pairs of shoes(3-10 years). I want a lot of shoes because, like shoes is a women's best friend you know shoes are like life. I wanna be on my shoe game.
Want to act on Empire(3-5 years) I wanna be on Empire I wanna act on Empire. It seems fun and cookie is really funny. So I know i'm going to have fun in 3 to 5 years I know i'm going to be on that show, I have to and if they not doing Empire by then I'll just meet them.
Disney world(3-8 years).Before my dad past he said that if he die we need to go to Disney world. He wants us to go to Disney world because he knew that he wanted to go and since he cant be with us to go then we need to go. Also because I really wanna see the palace.
Family happy(Now) I want to make my family proud and happy think and thin because they need to be happy and don't stress about nothing. My whole family stresses out but don't want me to see it.
New york (5-10) years. I want to go to NY because I would like to see the stature of liberty and the lights that's downtown and to be free and go to the parities and clubs there i herd its nice but dirty and people are mean but i don't really care, I wanna go.

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