Lets Go!! By;Jonathan

My mum says that we are going on a cruise called the UNSINKABLE TITANIC. I am so ready to go but my mum says were going in a fortnight right after I get out of school.I can't wait till my cousins and aunt's see me on the holiday. Oh yea just to let you know my name is Sally.When I get to the America and she my aunt i'm going to pretend to be demure.But I cant forget to take my shower because my cousins hate it when people smell pungent.One time I was over there and I smelt pungent and my aunt noticed. But I told her I just cocked up.Right now it is time for me to go to bed I have school in the morning.

"Sally wake up time for school".my mum said.

"OK I'm getting up" I told my mum.

"Did you do your project last night".

"Yes mam I did".

"Ok well just put it in the boot".

"It is time to present the projects"said the teacher.

"OO no I thought the projects were do tommorow I am so afeared".

" im just bolloxology".

"Whoaa for a second there I thought you were foreal".


Its time to go jome I am so ready to get home and take me a nap.BYE everyone.

"See you later alligator"Ally said.

"That was gas Ally" Sally told her.

"Sally come on"

"Coming mom"

My day was awwesome I didnt present my project today and tommorow is the last day of school.

"Are you ready to go on the Titanic" her mom asked her?

Yes I am I am definetley ready to see Aunt Joanie and cousins Fred and Jamie.We are finally home I am So racked and I could eat reverend mother

"Well you go take a nap and when you get up I will make your favorites".

"Thx mom".

I had such a good nap I am going to go and get a dinner.

"Wiggle,Wiggle,Wiggle"her mom said.

"You are as mad as a box of frogs"

I am going to go outside of the frontage.

It's so nice and dry out here.

"Not really"Jimmy Bob said.

"You need some cop do you see how nice it is out here".I said

"Hello,Hello,Hello,Hello,Hello,".Ellie said

"You are such a wagon and a ride because of the noises you make.

"No I am not but does anyone want to hear some Ceol"? Ellie asked

Im sorry I have to go inside guys.I got a message that said there sha'll be no Gaisce on the ship because if there is there might be a problem.So mom were going to get on the titanic and they are going o take us to an Inis

"No honey you're going to see".


Fortnight-2 weeks


Demure-how ladies were suppose to act


Cocked up-Made a mistake



Bolloxology-messing around


racked and I could eat reverend mother-really hungy.

Created By
Jonathan Brannon


Created with images by Sidneiensis - "The Queen Mary 2" • limaoscarjuliet - "jump bed" • VertexAuto.com - "Porsche 2008 Cayman Coupe Black Vertexauto.com Back Left open trunk" • ῶ - "untitled image" • ell brown - "RDYC and Harbour Master - Custom House Quay - Weymouth Harbour" • Elsie esq. - "Where are the rest of the boats?"

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