Bee Keeping When they with you, they surround you with blooming flowers

Welcome to THIRUVAIYARU,KILINOCHCHI; This is where we came for the Shots...

A boy playing near the water stream even he know the risk. ̶ℝḯṧḵ What's it????

Crocodile;they know its in the water but he told me "nothing will happen"!!!

ℙЄѦℂϴℂḰṦ; I think they are searching for food

This is the place we came to collect honey from a BEE BOX


Wait Wait I want to say something about bees!

They are mainly 4 types

  1. Apis Florea(Bees on a tree branches)
  2. Apis cerana indica or Apis mellifera(Bees inside the hollow of woods)
  3. Apis dorsata (Bees hanging on walls,mountains)
  4. Small bees(In the small spaces & holes)
Apis Florea(Bees on tree branches) ̳S̳̳O̳̳U̳̳R̳̳C̳̳E̳̳:̳̳-̳̳W̳̳I̳̳K̳̳I̳̳P̳̳E̳̳D̳̳I̳̳A̳
Apis cerana indica or Apis mellifera(Bees inside the hollow of woods) ̳S̳̳O̳̳U̳̳R̳̳C̳̳E̳̳:̳̳-̳̳W̳̳I̳̳K̳̳IP̳̳E̳̳D̳̳I̳̳A̳
Apis dorsata (Bees hanging on walls,mountains and these bees are aggressive fighters) ̳S̳̳O̳̳U̳̳R̳̳C̳̳E̳̳:̳̳-̳̳W̳̳I̳̳K̳̳I̳̳P̳̳E̳̳D̳̳I̳̳A̳

You can see these type bees in the back side of electric meter box or in small enclosure.

These bee's wax are more thicker so these bees will easily stick on our body & it'll be difficult to expel. This is the photography of the bees;backside of my home electric meter board

Here I want to explain about the ̳A̳̳P̳̳I̳̳S̳̳ ̳̳M̳̳E̳̳L̳̳L̳̳I̳̳F̳̳E̳̳R̳̳A̳ Bee It's inside the tree hollows; these bees produce more honey and favourable for beekeeping.

It's a hole in a coconut tree where these type of bee lives

First I want to Explain about there structure & characters

In every bee hive there is only one ℚủέέṋ ϐέέ she is the leader of that entire swam. From the first picture you can identify her.Next picture is the Male bee(Drone),Female bee(Worker) . The Queen & Worker bees are Female , Drone bee is the male.They flap their wings approx. 200 times/sec . worker bee secure the hive,developing the hive,collecting honey and vapourize water from honey.Male bee only engage in reproduction. S̳̳O̳̳U̳̳R̳̳C̳̳E̳̳:̳̳-̳̳W̳̳I̳̳K̳̳I̳̳P̳̳E̳̳D̳̳I̳̳A̳


Male bee eyes are larger than female bee and they are near each.

Only female bee has Sting.This sting is joined with a venom sac you can see it in the photo.Scientist say the venom can cure cancers and damage HIV virus

OK;these are some basic details of bees.

Next we can move in to our chapter BEE KEEPING

structure of a Professional BEE BOX

The HONEY is in the SUPER chamber and in brood chamber LAVA,EGGS are there S̳̳O̳̳U̳̳R̳̳C̳̳E̳̳:̳̳-̳̳W̳̳I̳̳K̳̳I̳̳P̳̳E̳̳D̳̳I̳̳A̳
He is the Beekeeper.He is planning something!
These are some tools First one is the Hat with Net it will secure us from bites in face. second one is the smoker it's use to expel them.
The color of the smoker Air bag is RED because bees can't identify red colour.In here he use coconut husk someone use tobacco leaves; it will affect them.
top Damaged

The upper crown board was damaged so the bees come out from the box; in this instance sometime the queen will escape,but in here more bees are in the champers so he assumed that the queen will be inside.

While transferring the whole family into a new Bee box

Eggs and Lavas will be here in this BROOD CHAMBER

Queen Guard

This metal plate is the QUEEN GUARD;except Queen bee other bees can pass through this plate's space

Separating chambers

Super chamber 02

Separating the slides in super chamber

This is the structure of the hive.

Scientist says this hexagonal shape is more stable and it will resist heat.

There will be more honey near the Ⓝⓔⓦ ⓜⓞⓞⓝ days in these super chambers

Look how the Ħ๏ทєצ got composed in.

Look how they made it

Bee GETTING nectar from a flower;instead they are helping for pollination.

Bees are good example for pollinators,It influence more in COTTON production.

  • Grapes
  • Mango
  • Apple
  • Sun flower
  • Vegetable plants etc. are get advantage from bees.
I think it's ℍῙḾ

What Happen If He Touch Them !!!

He is Habitat for there bites.Not all of them only few of them will be angry,5 or 6


  • It's mostly use for medicinal purpose...
  1. Improve sleep; give relief from Insomnia.
  2. Cough syrup.
  3. Provides Energy.
  4. Composition in facial method


̳I̳̳ ̳̳T̳̳h̳̳a̳̳n̳̳k̳̳ ̳̳e̳̳v̳̳e̳̳r̳̳y̳̳o̳̳n̳̳e̳̳ ̳̳w̳̳h̳̳o̳̳ ̳̳c̳̳o̳̳o̳̳p̳̳e̳̳r̳̳a̳̳t̳̳e̳̳ ̳̳w̳̳i̳̳t̳̳h̳̳ ̳̳m̳̳e̳̳ ̳̳a̳̳n̳̳d̳̳ ̳̳t̳̳h̳̳a̳̳n̳̳k̳̳ ̳̳y̳̳o̳̳u̳̳ ̳̳f̳̳o̳̳r̳̳ ̳̳y̳̳o̳̳u̳̳r̳̳ ̳̳r̳̳e̳̳g̳̳a̳̳r̳̳d̳

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