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His life

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was born February 27, 1807, In Portland, Maine. Young Henry attended the school of Portland academy, it is a Private school. Then when he got to college he decided on going to Bowdoin in Maine. He showed excellent progression in foreign languages growing up. He graduated in 1825 and offered a teaching position in modern languages at Bowdoin. Before he took the position he decided to go and see Europe. He went there in the first place to research the languages and their culture of the Europeans. He developed a lifelong admiration for the Old World Civilizations while in Europe. When he came back from Europe he married Mary Storer Potter. When he came back the study of foreign languages was new so he had to write his own textbooks. He wrote a bunch of other books which earned him a professorship at Harvard University in Cambridge. Before starting at Harvard he went to Northern Europe with his wife and while there she had a miscarriage which killed her. When she died he turned to writing for his savior. He married again in 1843, to Frances Appleton. He wrote a bunch of things over the years and in his last 20 years he continued to enjoy fame with honors in America and Europe. On March 24, 1882 the fateful he had a stroke and passed, when he passed he was on of the most successful writes in American worth an estimated $356,000.

His Poetry

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow really got into poetry after his first wife died during a miscarriage. When she passed, he was awfully depressed and turned to writing to help him with the time. He published the romance novel Hyperion to show his love for Frances Appleton. Over the next fifteen years Longfellow would do most of his writing. His poems Hymn to the Night and A Psalm of Life gained him so immediate popularity. Some of his greatest followers were Queen Victoria, Alfred Lord Tennyson, Prime Minister William Gladstone, Walt Whitman, Oscar Wilde, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, and Charles Baudelaire. He was able to speak in his poetry no matter what he decide to write, He was able to do romance happy sad scary anything he could get you hooked.

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