Neptune THE blue planet

Neptune has had many name for one The Blue Planet or The Water Planet. It is also the eighth planet from the sun. Neptune is also the forth largest planet by diameter.

Neptune is 15,299 mi. It is 4.503 billion weights 1.024 × 10^26 kg. It is also made of hydrogen, methane, and helium. The gas methane give Neptune it blue color.

Space craft has been to Neptune but people have not. Neptune also has 14 moons. It was named after the roman god of water. Neptune temperature is -353 Fahrenheit.

Atmosphere: Gases surrounding a planet. astronomical unit: equal to 149.6 million kilometers. magnetic field : An electric field. A robot sent to space to collect information. Evolution: New life forms are developed. Aurora: an electric phenomenon.

Neptune is names after a roman god of the sea. It is also the eighth planet from the sun. Neptune also has five rings.

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