I have three sisters who are incredibly weird and wonderful. These are some of their highlights.


Kelsie is the oldest of us kids and she lives in Duluth, MN.

She teaches costume design and theater at the University of Minnesota - Duluth.

Kelsie in her workshop
Costumes that Kelsie has designed

During the summer, Kelsie designs costumes for local shows and operas. She also makes her own costumes and attends Comic Con with her friends.

Kelsie (far left) at Dragon Con with her friends


Andrea hanging out with a gorilla in Uganda

Andrea lives in New York, NY.

Andrea works on a camera crew and films tv shows and movies.

Andrea on set
Some of the films and shows that Andrea has worked on

When she's not filming she is making homemade soap or traveling.

Crossing a snow field about 1000 feet below the summit of Mt. Elbert, CO.


Claire is the youngest and lives in Alden, MN.

Claire is a senior in high school. She likes singing, theater, and cats.

Claire has been in The Adam's Family, Brigadoon, You Can't Take it With You and several other productions
Claire and her cats, Quixote and Butters
Claire singing in a competition

Claire received a scholarship for singing and will be attending Concordia College in the fall. She plans on majoring in Vocal Performance and minoring in Psychology.


They're pretty weird...

... but they're also pretty great.

The End

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