Daron Ulrich Digital photography P6

This is one of the better photos I've taken this year. I think it looks good because of the way how the rainbow colors are focused in and the cloth around it is blurred. I had to put the camera in manual focus then put the aperture as high as you could. The assignment was for the CBA/Photochallenge: Food. I'm also have rule of thirds in this picture and simplicity in it with a little bit of contrast.
I was going to use this as my cover photo for my final portfolio but then i thought i shouldn't use some one else for my front cover. I liked this photo because of how Oleg's shirt and the wall color don't match and that makes the photo looks unique. I did the point of view from a low point because it looked better than it would be from just straight on and plain. I also have the rule of thirds in it with simplicity.
This is a assignment and it was called multiplicity. We had to take 5 pictures of somebody against a wall or somewhere else. After you finished taking pictures them you'd have to go and photo shop it. But I like this because of how you can use five of your self and have it all in one picture it looks very cool to me. this has simplicity in it.
This was a photo challenge and it was called color exposure. I grabbed a bunch if different color leafs and lined them up all next to each other and took the picture and the picture had to have nothing in the back ground besides the leafs. When I got back to class I went to photo shop and and brighten the colors a lot more so the colors could pop out more. I like this photo because of the colors and how the contrast is compared to the back ground. Their is also simplicity .
This was for our leading lines assignment. It put a pine cone on at the end of a railing so you could see how leading lines worked. I took the picture and once i got back to class I went to photo shop and blurred the background and made sure the pine cone in focus I also sharpened it so the colors looked more unique. I made sure I had rule of thirds and simplicity in my photo and obviously had leading lines.

Artist Statement: What I do with my photo work is I like to make the object in the picture look interesting so other people will be like oh wow that's pretty cool or they think its interesting. I like my photos to look very focused in and make all the colors pop out a lot more. I make my art because I want my photos to look better than my last photo. I make my art because I like to compete when we do our photo challenges and have the best photo. My art represents me because you can tell how much i put into it and how hard I tried to make it look good. My art means, whatever the picture is of is what it means to me and the picture.


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