Edith Combo Maia Cooper

This is a dagger used by the Europeans for self defense. It was not a war weapon but it would be used to defend yourself around personal attacks. This was quite heavy and sharp.
This is a man demonstrating how to shoot a musket. This musket would be used in colonial war times. It takes about 30 steps to arm the musket, being that is a quite complicated weapon. You would not have a musket if you rode a horse. Instead you would have a much smaller gun that would be easier to carry.
This is a Millinery. Being that I am a seamstress I work here. I have made a variety of dresses, blouses, pants, hats, quilts and many more. When you walk into the Millinery you will be presented with refreshers and small snacks, going to the Millinery should be a most enjoyable experience. You can ask us for practically anything made of fabric. Work starts at a reasonable time and ends at a reasonable time as well. This is good for me being that I work as a laundress as well as a seamstress. We have a lot of fine jewelry as well in our Millinery. We've provided jewelry for many important people. The necklaces are smooth and delicate. I personally do not make many hats, but I do find them quite beautiful. They are so in fashion right now, especially the feathered ones. The are is big but not always busy. Some things are expensive some more affordable.
The Randolph house is one of the largest, most expensive houses I've ever seen. Large, decorated, and holds many slaves. I had to drop of a large custom dress at the Randlofs. I was in awe with everything I saw. The parlor was the most expensive room I've ever seen! Portraits on the walls, gold trim on the mirror on top of the Marble fire place. I was told to drop the dress in the master bedroom by one of their slaves. Most of the time the inslaved would bring it up but they were to busy. The master suite was the most elegant bedroom my eyes have ever set upon. I dropped the gown of and left. The house has stayed in my memory forever.

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