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In a graphic made by designer and senior Mark Chrissan, the U.S. Capitol building is surrounded by symbolic fire and American flags. Early Wednesday afternoon, Jan. 6, a group of supporters of President Donald Trump seized the Capitol while Congress met to certify the electoral college votes. “They should know right from wrong,” junior Caleb Audia said. “People who trespassed and went inside should be charged accordingly.” link
Late Arizona Senator John McCain and late Georgia Congressman John Lewis had a major impact on the 2020 election. Even with their recent passing, they are partially responsible for Arizona and Georgia going blue. With the flip of these two states, it was proved to current president Donald Trump that his words have consequences. Link
In an image created by graphic designer and senior Mark Chrissan, the silhouette of Martin Luther King Jr. stands before a podium surrounded by words that represent his campaign of activism. In the attached piece, Editor-in-Chief and columnist Grace Williamson challenges readers and activists against discrimination to remember the words of Martin Luther King Jr. “We have no alternative but to protest,” King said. “For many years, we have shown an amazing patience. But, we come here tonight to be saved from that patience that makes us patient with anything less than freedom and justice.” Link
“Holocaust Remembrance Week” will be held Jan. 25- 27. In this graphic design by senior Mark Chrissan, elements of this historical event set the scene for the attached news article by Caroline Wilburn on how the school district will be addressing this time period with curriculum designed for students to help them understand what happened. “I hope Holocaust remembrance week is taken as a motivation to us all,” Adjei said. “To always confront hatred and promote human dignity at all cost.” Link
On this channel, several hosts will feature a variety of topics, people and conversations that you will not want to miss. Created to entertain Eagle Nation Online's audience, these podcasts will be available on multiple platforms such as YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Link
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