Roll of thunder Georgia Kousoulas period- 2

Jim Crow Laws

Voting Laws

For Jim Crow segregation laws, white peoples were forced to vote in a different place as whites, and their vote wouldn't really matter. For an African American person to vote, they would have to take an exam. These exams were very difficult, as well as unfair. A person white person would judge the exam, and see if you passed or failed. It was very difficult to vote in the 1900's, and Taxes were required. Most African Americans at this time could not afford to pay taxes, so this was a serious issue.

Segregation in Living

When the Jim Crow laws were set in action, Segregation in eating, drinking, and daily life really came into act. When colored and whites went to eat, they would have different entrances. The Minorities always entered through the back of the restaurant, and their sitting area wasn't as nice as the Whites. For drinking fountains, the whites would always have clean newly refurbished fountains, while african americans had dirty, used fountains. Schools were a big issue as whites had clean, two story ones in city's, with buses, while Minoroties had dirty, old schools in the forest.

The Great Depression

The Great Depression was a time in the United States, around the 1930's is when it started. Great Depression was a time when a lot of people lost their jobs, and their homes. The Great dedpression orginally started when the stock market crashed. During the Great Depression, their was land designated directly to "Hoovervilles" Our charectors in the Roll Of Thunder were affected by the Great Depression tremendously. In roll of thunder, TJ's family lived on land, sort of like a Hooverville.

These are some photos of the Great Depression, and the rough times of people in the Great Depression.

Abolishment of Slavery

Slavery, a huge issue in the United States in the 1800's. For years and years African American people were neglected, and treated as if they didn't even exist. The end of Slavery was a relieving even in the United States. Slavery ended in 1865. We can all thank President Lincoln, for putting a stop on slavery once and for all. As President Abraham Lincoln said here, this really ended slavery forever. "On the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State in rebellion against the United States, shall be forever free. . ." With President Lincoln writing this, this stoped slavery once and for all. Now in Roll of Thunder Chapter 6, Mama talked to Cassie about slaver, amd what their ancestors had to go through in slavery. Mama tells Cassie how slavery greatly affected their family, and how her Great- Grandparents escaped from it. Mma says this in Chapter 6. " “Mama nodded again. “That’s right, honey. He was hiding in a cave when freedom came, so I understand.” She was silent a moment, then went on. “Well, after a while, slavery became so profitable to people who had slaves and even to those who didn’t that most folks decided to believe that black people really weren’t people like everybody else.” (Taylor #191)

"Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction." -The Thirteenth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America"


Lynching means to kill someone, especially a hanging. When you lynch someone, you have not yet had a fair, legal trial. In roll of thunder, we saw a lot of threats about lynching. An example from the book would be when the Wallace's lynched the Berry's. In chapter 2 of the book, it states that, "“But them men dragged him and Beacon both outa that house, and when old man Berry tried to stop it, they lit him afire with them boys.”“It’s sho’ a shame, all right,” said T.J.’s father, a frail, sickly man with hacking cough. “These folks gettin’ so bad in here. Heard tell they lynched a boy a few days ago at Crosston.” Roll of Thunder, Chapter 2, page 72.


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