Thunderbowl By:Lesley Choyce


  • Jeremy: Main character (one that is telling the story.) Also the youngest in the band.
  • Suzanne: Jeremy's crush
  • Richie: Member of the Mongrol Dogs,started a fight at thunderbowls gig and lost there gig(Thunderbowls rival).
  • Al: Drummer for Thunderbowl
  • Mr.Langford: Jeremy's favorite teacher (try to convince Jeremy to not drop out. )
  • Drek: Leader of Thunderbowl
  • Stewy: Manger at The Dungeon, helps out Jeremy and doesn't kick him out but says he can only wait back backstage.


Thunder bowl was about Jermey and his band and also about him thinking about dropping out of school s he can focus on music instead of school. Thunder bowl got a chance to play at the Dungeon for battle of the bands and it was the bands first performance. Jermey lied about his age and said he was 19 but soon he revealed his age to his crush Suzanne and said he was 16. Thunder bowls rival band the Mongrel dogs spray painted a inappropriate message on Al's van. Thunder bowl wants to fight the Mongrel Dogs for spray painting there van but the owner of the Dungeon came out and broke up the fight and told them not to fight here. Jermey was told to not go in the bar anymore and now is only allowed to be backstage with his band. Jermey's dad wants Jermey to quit the band because his grades are getting lower but Jermey wont let Thunder bowl down and also promised his dad that he will bring his grades up so he could stay in thunder bowl. Richie Gregg which is one of the Mongrel Dogs member punched Jermey in the face because he wouldnt quit his band. Jermey refuses to quit Thunderbowl because he doesnt want Richie to his way. Suzanne and Jermey decide to go home and Suzanne was drunk and jermey didnt want her to drive but she did anyways and almost crashed into someones yard then Jermey took her keys and thew them and started walking. Thunder bowl might have a scout for a record company and could be featured on a radio station. Jermey called is teacher Mr.Langford and told him he was quitting school and then walked out of his parents house and walked to the Dungeon. On his way walking to the bar he was picked up by Suzanne and she apologized about her driving drunk and almost crashing. The Mongrel Dogs started a fight at Thunderbowls gig and jermey wanted to stop the rivalry against Thunderbowl and The Mongrel Dogs. After all that happened Thunderbowl got a chance to record in a studio for a radio station.

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