Jacob's Portfolio ONE MEAN BEAN

Week 1

Self Portrait- I took this awhile before the project began, and chose it because the lighting made my shirt and face highlighted. I just liked this one because I felt it looked good.
Unique Expression- The wood sits upon the cable, as a reminder of once was there. was there once a tree, a pole, yet all that remains is this one shred. What is the shred? The shred is the past, the cable, is the mind, I see the log as a symbol of the past that cannot be removed or undone.
Natural Lighting- The light creates a shadow, darkening everything that is on the other side, this is a metaphor of how society functions, the light represents the victors, or mainstream, but the dark represents the losers, or those ignored or suppressed by Pop culture

Week 2

1st - The pear is held tight, in fear of the pear being dropped.
2nd - But in the past, the pear was crushed by holding it tight.
3rd - So, the hand loosens, to avoid the failures of the past.

Week 3

Tranquility - I took this picture a few months ago, but after looking at it again, I saw all the hidden potential. The room is a bit of a mess, but within the mess, there is balance, that a symbol of the ability to adapt, to accept, and to become one with what is around you.

Week 4

Portrait - Me and my friend, Sarah went out to go take pictures, as we went, she pointed out the bird house, and said she wanted a picture wit hit, I took the picture, and this is what came of it. It could be a reference to a character, Wally Warbles, from the critically acclaimed game, Cup Head, or maybe, the House just looked cool. But whatever the reason, her enthusiasm is definitely present.

Week 5

My social justice issue is racism in America. I feel that in our modern society race no longer matters. There are only physical qualities that define ancestors, but they do not have much purpose. Despite the differences of skin, voice, religion, etc., it doest really matter, we all are based around a few things, that mold what we are. We all are born, we all grow, and we all die. What I want to display is the fact that our histories and identities shouldn't separate us, because in the grand scheme they are utterly unimportant.

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