Early College Notes January 20, 2020

The first week is in the books!

Thank you all for an incredible start to the winter term! It's been great to see so much positivity and excitement around the school. Here are a few notes for the week, as well as a couple of reminders from last week's memo:

  • Middle school math tutors needed! There are a number of middle schoolers who could utilize a math tutor, for even an hour a week. This is a great way to log community service hours! If you're able to help serve in this capacity, please reach out to Mr. Marowelli.
  • The course change request form has closed for the winter term. If you made a last minute college course change or there is a major issue with your schedule, please see Mrs. Yonnick ASAP. There is a sign-up sheet on the table outside her office - place your name on the sheet, legibly, and she will call you down as soon as she's available.
  • A few books are still on order from the bookstore and college courses that were added late last week or that students add this week will require a bit of time to receive the texts. Please be sure to say thank you to Ms. Niki and Mrs. Elfe for all their hard work prepping to make sure books were ready on time for the start of the term.
  • The PSAT 8, 9, 10 and SAT are in April. These are the tests that are most readily relied on by colleges to make acceptance decisions. Doing 20 hours of the official SAT prep on Khan Academy is linked to a 130-point increase in scores. Don't wait until the last minute!
  • Friday flex blocks! You asked for it and we delivered! The EC only will be having flex blocks during Friday focus groups in addition to the normal Wednesday flex blocks. Due to the CP having regular focus group on Fridays, teachers with CP Focus Groups will be unavailable for intervention time during these sessions.
  • 10th-grade Career Center tours are coming up quickly! As a reminder, all JPEC students are expected to participate in dual enrollment, career center, or both, by 11th grade. Every Jackson Area Career Center program leads to an industry-specific certificate, high school credits, and many articulate college credits here at Jackson College and a few other colleges in Michigan. If you have more questions please see Mrs. Yonnick!

Athletics for the Week

  • Varsity and JV boys basketball @ Waldron
  • - Times- 5:30/7:00 PM
  • - No Early Release
  • - Address: 13380 S Waldron Road; Waldron, Michigan 49288

Create a Doodle for Google!

All JPEC students are invited to submit a design for the 2020 Doodle for Google contest! This year's theme is, "I show kindness by..." Students who are interested can join Ms. Shirk during Flex Block in room 158 through March 4th for more information, supplies, and support. The contest is an awesome opportunity for students to be creative, and the winner is awarded a $30,000 college scholarship! Please check out this informational video for more insight into the contest:

London, Paris, Florence, and Rome? Oh my! Travel with JPEC for college credits!

Interested in travelling to Europe in the spring of 2021? Early College students and their parents are invited to an informational meeting in room 158 from 4:00 - 4:30 on Wednesday, January 22nd. Students will earn college credit while seeing first hand great works of art and architecture in London, Paris, Florence, and Rome! Enrollment in this tour will be closing at the end of February. If you cannot make it to the meeting, please contact Ms. Shirk at sarah.shirk@jacksonpec.org.

Have a great week!

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