Rings on Mars? Destiny Valentine --- 5th --- 3/20/2017

College graduate Andrew Hesselbrock used computer simulations to find another reason for Mars having moons that have an unusually perfect orbit. The older theory was that these moons had been captured asteroids, since they had such a straight orbit, Andrew tried to find a more reasonable explanation. His computer stimulations led him to believe that the moons came from a once very large ring and has now over time broken into smaller pieces.

Can you imagine this being how it once looked?

This article, in particular, grabbed my attention not only because of the science part of it, but the historical part as well. It is very interesting to predict what happened in the past using technology from now. Although it's still not completely proven, I believe that Andrew is on to something. Even though I find the topic interesting, I don't see how it pertains to earth and why we should know this.

The above video is to expand on the research and theory that Andrew had.

interplanetary- adjective- being or occurring between the planets or between a planet and the sun.

Penultimate iteration- noun- something reoccurring one after the other.

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Title- Mars May Have had Rings, and They May Come Back ------ Date published - March 20, 2017 -------Author- Avery Thompson

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