The Dreamer New York is the dreamers' room. What is the next door for me?

Art Direction and Concept: Mari de Baudus @mdebaudus, Photography: Harnesh Joshi @harneshjoshi, Designer: Niti Singhal, Twee In One - Reversible and convertible clothing @tweeinone, Make Up: Dilya Abdullaeva @dilyaabdullaeva, Model: Studio Jeanne

Dreamer at the Door

New York. Dreamers' room. I answer the call: here I am ready to start a new professional career. I want to be part of the stressful flow of the Apple, walking frantically from one meeting to another, talking loudly to my clients on the street assuming my voice convinces them, rushing to an A-list cocktail...

I could.

Manhattan. Brownstones and skyscrapers sweep me up like architectural whirlwinds. I know I should knock at the door of the dreamer room.

I wish I could.

A Dreamer at the NY Door

Thank you Solstice and Harnesh Josh!
Created By
Mari de Baudus


I can dream can you? Photo:@harneshjoshi Model: Gaby @studiojeanne Brand/ Style: Tweeinone @tweeinone | Niti Singhal @niti.singhal Art Director: Marie de Baudus @mdebaudus Makeup & Hair Artist: Dilya Abdullaeva @dilyaabdullaeva