African American Movement BY RICKY MENDEZ

In the history of the United States there have been many social changes that have occurred. One of the most significant and important movements that shaped changes in the U.S. was the African American movement, which fought for the equality of African Americans. Discrimination of African Americans in the United States have been going on since they first arrived from Africa in 1808, but the movements root began in 1954. Many important events involving discrimination against African Americans preceded the era of the African American Rights Movement. For example, in 1931 when nine black youths are sentenced to life in prison for rapping two girls even though the evidence was slim. Organization of the AAM under the leadership of Malcolm X helped launch a resistance against racism and equal rights. As a result of the Leadership of Malcolm X the African American’s movement was able to get equal rights as everyone in the United States and racial segregation would be unconstitutional. The African American movement is important to the history of the United States, establishing that discrimination of African American was unjust and would no longer be tolerated in this country. As a result of the movement today, discrimination such as African Americans not going to good colleges have ended as well as African Americans not voting . Today African Americans live in the United States free to live the American dream


Created with images by Gustavo La Rotta Amaya - "Slavery in chains"

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