What To Do During An Earthquake Tips and Facts

1.How to identify an earthquake:

To identify an earthquake you might start to feel a little shake. It could feel like you are trying to stand on an air mattress that is on top of a pool filled with water. If you see the waves moving faster then it might be an earthquake.

2.If you find someone hurt on the floor go ask for help:

If the person has a cut put something like water, cover the cut over with like a clean, towel, or a sweater you might have around your waist.

You should find a blanket in case it's cold outside, and someone could get sick. So put the blanket on them, it helps them get warm.

If a car is on top of a person ever then just find a friend, someone nearby, or who you are with. Then ask them to help lift the car up, and get the person out from under the car.

3. Once the shaking stops:

Turn any Propane tanks off if they are on because they leak gas out. So if you find one go and turn it off.

Then go to your house and see if there is anything useful for you to use still like a blanket, mattress, or a tent.

If you see a house on fire then go and ask for help or get a firefighter or firefighters to put out the fire.

4. Helpful tools to keep with you during an earthquake:

Thick Bandanna - to wrap around cuts

Blanket - to keep warm

Using adult talents - to help cook, hunt, to take care of others

I got this information from a book called Quake it is very interesting make sure to check it out this is how it looks like.


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