Pop Brixton's Beginnings

What once was an unused plot of land in Brixton was transformed into a haven for local startups in South London.

Pop Brixton opened its doors in 2015 with the hopes to provide independent businesses the space and confidence they need to put down roots and thrive.

Made from shipping containers and recycled materials, Pop Brixton is now home to 50 local businesses in the food, drink, retail, design and creative industries.

Let's take a sneak peek...

Make Do and Mend: A startup vintage boutique and alterations shop with a mission to lead Brixton to a more sustainable lifestyle.

It has become a hotspot for locals and tourists alike, attracting over 1 million visitors each year.

Pop Farm: An urban farm growing both decorative plants and herbs & vegetables. Community members can also take free gardening workshops to learn how to maintain their own urban farms.

Pop Brixton's office spaces live inside stacked shipping containers.

The second floor hosts local restaurant startups and provides a space for visitors to eat their delicious food right on site.

Pop even has their own event space where they host community events and local artists.

Pop Brixton's Effect on London Startups

"In an ideal world, Pop is a kind of incubator for Brixton start-ups. Local entrepreneurs with good ideas can come to Pop to get started in a supported environment before moving on to an established business." -Morris Shamah, Assistant General Manager

London Startup Success

After three years as a member, Smoke & Salt is setting up a permanent storefront nearby in Tooting, South London. Smoke & Salt is the perfect illustration of Pop Brixton's goal to provide a space for independent startups to grow a customer base and gain the momentum to open up permanent spaces of their own. They are set to open their doors this spring.

Looking Forward

Though Pop Brixton is only set to remain at its current site until 2020, the team is currently working to extend their time in Brixton as long as they can so they can keep providing a place for their members to grow and thrive. Pop Brixton was originally set out to be temporary, but its success has given them the drive to keep this project going for their members and the surrounding community.

For more information, visit Pop Brixton's website.

Created By
Ruby Thompson