Gun controls are one example of how freedoms are being threatened By Tom Crouch

Freedom is the most valuable thing any american has.
The Freedoms given to Americans are written down in the constitution. Everyone knows the first amendment, the freedom of speech, this is the most famous. The Second amendment, the right to bear arms ( or the tank top amendment), is the second most important freedom we are awarded.
An example of a lost freedom is in the Patriot act. This act allows the government to invade its citizens privacy. The Patriot act has also allowed the government to pass thousands of pieces of legislation, further limiting our freedom, in the name of security.
Guns are promised to us by the Constitution. To limit that freedom is taking the first step on a very slippery slope of taking away freedoms.
People who want gun control laws say, guns are the main cause of violent crimes and limiting guns will reduce crimes.
There are thousands of statistics that support both sides of the argument. some saying less gun would reduce crimes, other saying it would increase crimes.


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