Vocabulary 3/17/17 By ndangoh formusoh

Concurrent: Existing, happening, or done at the same time.

Showering is concurrent with getting wet.

Confiscate: Take one's property with authority.

The teacher confiscated the phone.

Constitute: Be part of an entirety.

Red stripes constitute a part of the U.S. flag.

Decipher: Translate a text written in code or coded signal to normal language.

This message is oddly easy to decipher.

Default: A preselected option.

Standard is the T.V's default picture mode.

Hypothetical: Of, based on, or being a hypothesis.

Hypothetically speaking, what if technology didn't exist?

Nominal: Far below something's true value or cost.

$5,000 is a nominal price for a new car.

Predominant: Existent as the main or strongest element.

Japan's denizens are predominantly Japanese.

Prerequisite: Mandatory as a prior condition.

English III is a prerequisite for English IV.

Recession: A time of temporary economic decline.

An example of a recession is the Great Depression.

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