The Holy People of the Middle Ages By: Cameron carlson

Leo IX was declared pope by Emperor Henry III on February 12, 1049 in Germany

A statue of a pope

The great Schism was a result of Leo IX’s decision to attack the Normans. The Papal army lost the battle.

Leo IX was captured by the normans in 1053 and was a prisoner for the following nine months.

St. Dominic was trained for priesthood by his pope-uncle when he was young

St. DOminic was a missionary in France to the Albigensians there for 10 years and was successful with the common people

In 1215 St. Dominic founded a community of popes called the beginning of the order of preachers.

St. Francis thought he heard the voice of God so he left his life and submitted to God

St. Francis was taken prisoner during a battle and got dreams from God and visions.

St. Francis developed a great love for nature during his life so he is known as the patron saint of the enviroment.


Created with images by joansorolla Creative Commons site - "Gósol. Vila Vella (II)" • robson2313 - "Pope John Paul the Great" • Jorge Lascar - "The 30.6m ⌀ dome and the chandeliers with Islamic patterns - Hagia Sophia" • Harold Litwiler, Poppy Big Oak Photography - "Aya Sophia, Istanbul Turkey" • Northfielder - "The Basilica of St Paul Outside the Walls" • Herb@Victoria - "Stato della Città del Vaticano" • Tama66 - "faith religion church" • Rennett Stowe - "St Dominic" • fred_fiii - "shadow of doom" • edwin.11 - "Inside Church of St Dominic" • Pistolero31 - "Plafond à caissons de la maison Seilhan" • derechoaleer - "Book Burning - Quema de Libros - St Dominic and the Albigenses" • Michael 1952 - "St Francis of Asissi" • Randy OHC - "St. Francis of Assisi" • Franco Vannini - "St. Francis" • Andreanna Moya Photography - "St.Francis" • esiul - "insect nature live"

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