Keep It 100

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world" -Mahatma Gandhi

Some people suffer from depression. This is a different topic to talk about on a normal website. But I am here to help you through something that'll ruin your life for good if you don't do something soon. Let me start off by saying you are important in this world. No matter what people say, remember that one thing. You are important in everything. And everyone. Just keep it 100 with everyone and see what happens. Because if your not keeping it 100, then you may suffer even more than you already do.

You must be wondering why I put a soccer ball in the title page. Because in soccer there are many lessons. You need to improve your mind so you can be at the top. Like Lionel Messi. Or Neymar Jr. These are important people because they work the hardest and are in the best category. If you learn how to do stuff that'll challenge anything you will succeed in anything. So the way to get out of depression is to do other stuff that'll make you not want to cut, not want to die, something that makes you not feel sad. People usually start depression because a family member died or their parents are divorcing, or even they think there isn't a purpose in living. There is. Most people may mot see but honestly, God put you on this earth for a reason. When you're older you may become famous, be rich. Have your dream job even! You can have all those things if you really believe. The only way is if you leave this curse called 'depression'.

If you found these paragraphs helpful in any way, contact me through social media. My Instagram is batista_victoria01. DM any question or if you have a different issue with you. glad I could help.



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