Irene Sánchez García

My name is Irene and y twelve yeras old.

My surname is Sánchez García, but I haven't got a nickname.

I live in Alcorcón (Madrid). Is a big an modern city.

But I was born in Calatayud, a city in Zaragoza, but I moved for to be closer to my family

1. I get up very early approximately at 7:00 - 7:15. Then, I have a breakfast. After that, I go to school

2. I do my homework in the school, study in the library and I talk with my friends.

On Monday/Wednesday afternoons I go to the English Academy. Then, I come back home and I do my homework.

After that, I have dinner at 20:00 - 21:00. While, I watch TV. My favorite dinner is potatoes omelette.

Finally, I go to bed at 22:00 approximately. But before sleep, I read a book or listening to music in my MP3 player.


I have two differents hobbies. They are both very good.

1. Play video games:

My favorite video games are about Role and Life/Construcction Simulation because it's very fun. My favourite video games are two:

The Sims 4: Are about Life/Construcction Simulation

Animal crosing New life: You have ti take care a town and their neighbors.

2. Read books:

My favorite books are about mystery and fantasy. My favorite books are two:

1. MOMO: It's a fantasy book. Its author is Michael Ende

2. The Prince of the fog: This book are about mystery and scary. Its author is Carlos Ruiz Zafón



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