How would you feel if you were taken out of your home and forced to work hard labor? Not very good, right. Well that's what happened to the colonial slaves. Today we are going to be learning mainly about how slavery began and the hardships they faced like how they were treated. There is a lot to know about colonial slavery.

The work grew harder for the slaves and they became more expensive as more people wanted slaves. The beginning of slavery started when negro servants were forced into hard labor for their life time. In the later 1600's slaves became more popular to colonial America. Recent laws named "Slave Codes" decided the rights of slave owners. Most slaves agreed to work for there owner for seven years for their freedom. Some were criminals that owed money and payed it off by working.

Slaves were beaten and wiped sometimes to death.

Slaves were treated different weather or not their owner was nice or rode. Field slaves were looked at as the lesser one of the two kinds of slaves, field slaves and house slaves. It was mainly field slaves who were beaten. They didn't get much sleep but were forced into long days of hard labor. Even if your owner was nice to you slavery was still a horrible life. All slaves had no power over their lives so they had to be loyal to their masters 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Slaves were bought and sold any time their masters got new slaves. They occasionally meet to see their families. Once kids who were born into slavery were able to work they were sold never to watch their parents work again. Slaves who worked in the fields only got one pair of clothes that were supposed to last them the whole year. They had similar clothing to what a colonial farmer would wear when in the fields. Female slaves usually wore long dresses and the men wore pants and loose shirts. House slaves usually wore nicer clothes for when company came over. They mostly wore their masters old clothing. All slaves worked all sorts of different jobs. Field slaves mostly worked in tobacco fields. They were treated badly and worked very hard. House slaves usually did the chores around the house and often helped out their master with their trade shop. Field slaves had a small home near the fields. Even though the houses were very petite they had a bit of isolation from their owners. House slaves on the other hand had less isolation because they mainly lived in an area above the kitchen or stables.

Slaves were a sign of wealth and power to plantation owners in the South. There were some free black people in American colonies. Only 8% of people in the American colonies were free black people. Around the 1750's half of the people living in the Southern colonies were slaves. John Oglethorpe made slavery illegal in Georgia when he founded it . In 1751 that law was canceled.

In conclusion you can see slaves hard a hard life when they came over from Africa. When they were beaten and treated poorly. When they were bought and sold. So the next time your learning about slavery think how it must of felt if you were pulled away from your home to be owned and to work all the time.

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