The Donner party luke nalley and austin Patton

The Donner was a large group emigrant families of about 12 and others. some wof the families where The Breen Family from Ireland, The Reed Family from Springfield, Illinois, The George Donner Family from Sangamon County, Illinois, The Jacob Donner Family from Sangamon County, Illinois, The Eddy Family from Belleville, Illinois, The Graves Family from Marshall County, Illinois, The Murphy Family (Murphys, Fosters, and Pikes were an extended family). Until its size numbered 87.

The Donner Party started in Springfield, Illinois, in 1846. Heading to California that normally took four to six months, but part of the way the group took a shortcut which got some stuck in the snowy parts Sierra Nevada Mountains .

The Donner Party is a very grizzly story. what happened to with all of them on there way there was one of the leaders who read bout a shortcut through the Sierra Nevada Mountains so one of them broke off in a splinter group, but in fact it wasn't a shortcut actually put on more time. Then after being stuck in snow for some time about three weeks they ran out of food supplies, they tried a lot but were resorted to cannibalism. they killed and eat about 2-3 people in total.

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