Current streaming facilities for drone operators are limited to being shared with social media and other unrelated outputs. We aim to change that.

DJI SDK connected, public streams, follow pilots, chat to those in your private streaming group.
Applications for Commercial, Emergency Services and the Hobbyist

Commercial & Emergency Service Users

To appease the commercial and emergency service sectors pilots will be able to set up private, secure groups to stream to (and those viewers will receive a push notification when streaming begins).

For iPad and iPhone

Hobbyists & Enthusiasts

The hobbyist will be able to enjoy the public streams on a 'news feed' style format, showing streamers from all over the world showcasing their flights. Enthusiasts will be able to follow their favourite pilots and be notified when they start streaming (imagine a hybrid of Instagram and Twitch with the primary focus being sUAS).

"DJI have ground breaking ways to get beautiful visuals to your smart-phone, but options for getting those visuals out LIVE and instant to your audience is limited and not drone-focused. We want to make live streaming easy and full of features that conventional streaming routes can't offer"

Features at a Glance

Alpha screenshots
  • Viewers can be invited to private streams.
  • Messages can be relayed to the pilot (and other viewers) while they watch the stream. Messages are received by the pilot via banner notifications while they fly.
  • Public streams viewable from all over the world via the 'news feed' page.
  • Streams can be saved to device once streaming is complete.
  • Pilot can choose to display the battery life and geo-location to the viewers.
  • Viewers can follow their favourite pilots and be notified when they begin streaming ('news feed' will show the top pilots).
  • Each pilot has a profile where they can give a short bio.

The Backstory.

Drone-i started as a commercial drone company, specialising in cinematography, boasting work with feature films and many other creative projects.

It became apparent that every project we worked on would have benefited from the client being able to see the footage, without the cumbersome HDMI connection from the RC to a screen. Not to mention, the wider team based off-site.

In some cases screens would have been near enough impossible, working in conditions where the crew have limited access to a power supply, or they are based on a moving vehicle.

But what do almost all of us today carry with us in our pockets? Of course, a screen in the form of a smart-phone.

was born...

Therefore, we set about creating an app to encompass all the drone industries streaming needs. From the commercial user to the hobbyist, all would stand to benefit from this platform.

What are we working on?

Put simply, lots more in the pipeline!

  1. Android and web browser builds
  2. A way to live stream FPV racers feeds on to the same platform
  3. Well... we can't give it all away!
Contact us: contact@drone-stream.com

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