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Giant Pandas Appearance

What is black and white cute and loves snow? A giant panda!!! To start with let's look at the size of a giant panda.20-330 pounds depending on if its a female or a male. The baby can weigh about 3-5 oz. if they are a little older they can weigh 85-109 oz. Next giant pandas have really cool features. For example giant pandas colores can be white, black and sometimes brown. Their ears, muzzle, eyes, shoulder, and legs are black while the rest of their body is snowy, white. Finally let's look at some amazing facts about these mammals!! Did you know that giant pandas are really really shy? Well they are! If you ever see one of these majestic creatures take some time to look at its features.

this is what a giant panda looks like

Where a Giant Pandas Live

Of course first you have to know where a giant panda lives for you to see one. To start with the continent giant pandas live in is china. you can see them in the forests of china. Now you have to know the country giant pandas live in. The country these beautiful creatures live in the southwest china. Let's dive into the climat. The temperature is usually 40 degrees or a little more. In the summertime it can get up to 80-90 degrees. In the wintertime it is 30 degrees or less. Lastly let's look at where giant pandas sleep. A giant panda sleeps in a tree only if they can distrebutte their weight on the tree branch. These amazing creatures spend most of their time eating so they only sleep 2-4 houres a day. You can also find these cute animals sleeping on the surface flore or next to a tree. As you can see giant pandas have an amazing habitat!

this might be were some giant pandas live

What Giant Pandas Eat

Have you ever wonderd what giant pandas eat? Well let's find out!!! Giant pandas are omnivores that means thay eat meat and veggies. These mammals injoy bambo, most of their diet is bambo. Giant pandas will eat fruit, sometimes mangoes, peaches and more! Did you know these cool animals eat tiny rodents? Only if they can find them.Secontly are you wondering how these beautiful creatures get their food? They get their food from peeling outer layers of bambo to get the protein they need. Now we have to know what animals that eat them! Snow leopards sometimes intend to eat giant pandas. humans are also a big harm to giant pandas they want to sell there butifule black coal, and snowy, white fur. Asian blackbears are their secont fear. Now you know what giant pandas eat and what they need to wach out for!!

this is a giant panda eating bambo

Why Giant Pandas are Almost Gone

Can you believe that there are only 1,864 giant pandas in the world? it's so sad!!! Here are some reasons why these magnificent creatures are almos gone. People are cutting down trees to make buildings, extending cities , to build palm oil farms, to make cities, to build homes and way more. Giant pandas also get hunted illegally. We are poaching thses creatures for features to make furniture, hats, rugs, and much much more. We need to stop this so they are not gone forever. Another thing why they are almost gone is food loss. We are cutting down trees and that is the thing where they get their food so they can not eat it is really sad. They migh starve and they might die because weare cutting these lushic trees down. Brobaly people are cutting trees down right now this is bad for lots of animals and including giant pandas. As you can see this is why we want to save the giant panda so they do not go extinct

Why We Should Save the Giant Pandas

Giant pandas need our help to get off the endangered list!! First you can donate to a website like WWF that stands for world wildlife fund on this website you can adopt a giant panda or you can donate to the website. If you adopt one you will get a lovely stuffed animal giant panda!! If you donate you will help the animal that you donate to!!. Secondly you can hang posters outside, in your school and more places.you can write something to inspire someone to do the same thing. You always can write about it on a poster or draw a picture. Lastly you could read about these creatures. You can research about them and how to help. You can tell other people how to help. Clearly, we can save them if we try!!!


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