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Analysis of current demand and competition

Decline in Golf memberships since 2008

Memberships down 20% from 2004-2013

People are too busy to fully utilise a membership i.e. if you have a young family

Joining fees appear to be more of an obstacle than high membership fees

The average club has less than one female member 

Lincoln Golf Centre

Lincoln Golf Centre is a short drive outside of Lincoln's city centre.

This course is a 9-hole course which they state is perfect for all abilities.

Facilities include: free parking, driving range, a bar, a café and a pro shop.

Lincoln Golf Centre also offers the opportunities for weddings, conferences and parties, whilst also offering a teaching academy. the teaching academy includes the options of group lessons or individual lessons.

Social Media capabilities: Twitter - Followers = 1,278 followers - Following = 2,224 - Tweets sent out (as of 26/04/2017) = 1,649.

Instagram - Followers = 200 - Following = 467 - Posts (as of 26/04/2017) = 151.

Facebook - Likes = 383 - Follows = 384 - 2,053 people have visited - 4.5* out of 5* rating on Facebook.

Overall Lincoln golf centre's social media activity is fairly consistent, with them posting on social media most days, if not everyday.

The website - easy to navigate layout, appealing layout which is not too cluttered, the colour scheme is overall quite appealing to the eye, however the light blue colouring for the heading box on the home page looks like it is aiming to a younger audience and does not go with the theme of the rest of the website.

Carholme Golf Club

Carholme Golf club is situated approximately ten minutes outside of the Lincoln City Centre.

It is an 18-hole course that labels itself as being testing as it contains water hazards and tree lined fairways

The course offers views of the Lincoln cathedral and the surrounding areas.

Parking is available, however non-members do have to pay.

Golf buggies are available if they are pre-booked.

Carholme golf club's social media:

Twitter -Followers = 358 - Following = 476 - tweets = 221

Instagram - Carholme Golf club do not have an instagram page of their own, however they have received 6 public posts with #carholmegolfclub.

Facebook - likes = 243 - Follows = 228 -937 people have visited - 4.2* rating out of 5* on Facebook.

Overall the posting on social media for Carholme golf club is hugely inconsistent with multiple posts being put out in one day and then nothing in the following days.

In terms of the website for Carholme golf club they have created a colour scheme that clashes together to cause an unpleasant viewing for visitors of the website. On the homepage of the website there is a mass of information with no real layout which makes it look unprofessional. The homepage also contains a side bar that runs further than the information box that adds to the feel of unprofessionalism. The website is relatively easy to navigate and contains many different sections giving a breadth of information available to the visitors of the website

Pottergate Golf Club

Pottergate Golf club is a 9-hole course situated 7 miles outside of the Lincoln city centre

The golf club offers a variety of different events that range from a bingo night the last Friday of every month and a package deal to the Nottingham dog racing.

The golf club also offers a full bar and a bar menu available Friday and Saturday. as well as this light snacks are available Monday through till Thursday and on Sundays they offer a carvery.

Pottergate's social media capabilities only reach Facebook where 384 people like the page, 373 people follow the page. The posts on their Facebook are inconsistent with post being done every few days at best.

Overall the website for Pottergate golf club is very outdated and does not have a professional look to it. It is fairly easy to navigate and contains lots of information however with having lots of information it looks cluttered and adds to the feel of unprofessionalism.

Existing Brand Representation

Brands Current Tone of Voice

Dull, Boring, Average

Current Statement of Brand

Canwick Park Golf Club provides keen golfers with a challenging sporting experience in the idilc greens of the South Common hills in Lincolnshire, overlooking the monumental Lincoln Cathedral . Their club house is good in that is supplies average services and their advertising and social media presence is below average with basic and little content. Overall excluding the golf grounds and the view, Canwick Park Golf Club's brand image is fairly old and dull, this needs to be improved in order to create a exciting new brand image.

The Consumer

  • Aged between 50-55
  • According to England Golf, golf clubs have an average of 148 members aged 65 or over
  • 77% are adult males
  • Some eventually leave due to health
  • Juniors often leave after the age of 18

Target Market

  • 16-25
  • Income of less than £20,000
  • Too busy to utilise a membership
  • Active across a variety of social media platforms

Perceptual map

New Perceptual map

Primary Research methods

  • 3 questionnaires
  • Non-golf specific
  • Golf specific
  • Design specific (website and logo)
  • 137 respondents

Primary research findings

  • 78% of play once a year
  • 66.7% travel 0-5 miles
  • 41.9% stated that they do not have time for one
  • 12.9% prefer pay as you go deals
  • 1/3 of respondents ranked Cost/Price, quality of facilities and quality of the golf course

Are you aware of Canwick Golf club

  • Yes 32.61%
  • No 67.39%

What you're doing right

  • Encouraging females to get into golf
  • 60% agreed that Canwick meet expectations
  • Stating good value for money, decent place to play golf, with friendly staff

What could be improved

  • Membership options
  • Social media presence
  • Design and layout of website and logo
  • Overall quality of the course
  • The clubhouse
  • Bar and restaurant

New Brand identity

  • More modern
  • More socially engaging
  • More active across a variety of social media platforms
  • More appealing to a younger audience/juniors

New Tone of Voice

Modern, Exciting, Engaging

Thank you

Any Questions?


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