Nuñoa Project A visual journey through the Peruvian altiplano

Peter McGinn, admires the landscape of Pucará, Puno, Peru on the the last day of his trip in June 2016. He admits this trip has truly challenged him to be thankful for the privileges he is granted in the US. Photo by Peter McGinn.

Peter McGinn, left, stops for a picture with friend Joe Wang, right, while backpacking the altiplano of Pucará, Puno, Peru. Roads are very scarce in the altiplano, and many times traveling farm to farm required miles of walking, June 2016. Photo by Peter McGinn.
Peter McGinn admires the strength of this alpaca herd in Pucará, Puno, Peru. Alpacas are the sole economic livelihood of Peruvian herders, and a large herd means a family is able to make money, in a time when many are not, June 2016. Photo by Peter McGinn.
Giendo Garcia, left, places his hand on daughter Amarilis, 6, as they pose for a picture with Peter McGinn, right, in the mountains of Pucará, Puno, Peru in June 2016. Peter and Giendo traded life stories, and reflected on what it meant to be 21 years old. Photo by Peter McGinn.
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Peter McGinn

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