Mohandas Gandhi Join me in the Salt March

Join me, Mohandas Gandhi, and many other Indians on the march to the sea to make our own salt. I will start tomorrow, March 12, on a very long but well needed journey to the coastal town of Dandi on the Arabian Sea in which then we will show those Brits that the tax that they imposed on the salt will not stop us from defying there laws in a peaceful manner.

As you may already know i am known for my use of non violent protests. This protest will be no different. They may shoot at us or harm us or arrest us but we must keep our cool and keep on going. The Indian people will no longer be afraid of the British.

I have been doing mass civil disobedience protests since 1906. 24 years showing the British that there rule here, in OUR country is no longer needed. My first act of civil disobedience was on June 7, 1893 because "non whites" were apparently not allowed in first class on a train. ANd since than i have not stopped and will continue not to stop until us Indians get what we deserve, Independence.

So join me tomorrow, March 12, as we, the Indian people, do yet another protest against British rule!

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