Running with Nature Florida Museum of Natural History

This exhibit was the most appealing to me because it was a live exhibit. The butterfly garden allows you to take a walk through nature surrounded by not only beautiful plants, but hundreds of beautiful butterflies fluttering around you. It was truly captivating to see so many gorgeous creations of nature in one small area, allowing for a greater appreciation of the world we live in. Our world is so industrialized that we often don't get to step outside and into such a captivating air of natural beauty. Even if you got the opportunity to be so encompassed by the beauty of nature, it wasn't to the extent of having all these colorful creatures in one area roaming about. This exhibit showed a small part of the world in a large, concentrated extent, allowing for the mass appreciation of something we either see in such small quantities as to be a minuscule part of our world, or so rarely we forget its existence. If this exhibit would have been behind glass or a fake representation of natures beauty, I wouldn't have been able to appreciate it as fully. This interactive exhibit really captivated me with its beauty and reality.
Truthfully, I was amazed by this museum and its very detailed exhibits. This museum made all of its exhibits intricate parts of different landscapes and environments in nature. It truly allowed you to see and appreciate the things that nature has provided us and given us pleasure to look at. This cave, for example, in pictures 1-3 was an very detailed exhibit that allowed you to appreciate the things the landscape gives us and other beings of nature. The cave can be used as shelter, and when you go exit it, you can see the vast tree landscape and all the many creatures that live off the land. In a way it reminds you that you are not the only one that makes use of the land, but there are plenty of creatures, such as the bugs underneath the logs, that use the landscape. We are part of a vast system, and at the base is nature, something that if we don't take care of, will wither and die leading to our eventual demise. Furthermore, the last picture shows these people near a hut and underneath you can see all the land and shells their hut is built on. This particular exhibit lead me to realize that we are such a small, insignificant part of this earth that lays on top of millions of years of life. Our true insignificance is apparent when you think of everything outside us, but our footprint on this land is one that could wash away all the life it has provided. While this museum and it's intricate exhibits got me thinking, I could also see it had an affect on a lot of other people. While going through the different exhibits, you could hear clusters of oohs, aahs, and wows. It was apparent that I wasn't the only one drawn in by the representation of the natural world and our history on it.
A lot of what we know about the world is about us, but the vast majority lack a lot of knowledge about the world around us, the delicacy of nature, and the animals that surround us. One exhibit helped enlighten our knowledge of the world we once lived in, and more importantly, the world before us. We know little about the behaviors of the creatures that came before us and can only see the fossils they left behind for any indication of the lives they lived and the world they lived in. In the last picture, we can see millions of years worth of bones, shells, and rocks, all preexisting us, leaving us to wonder about the world without us. In our daily lives, we mostly see the people that surround us and the vast structures we've created, but this museum leads us to a world outside of ourselves; To a world without us, before us, surrounded by all sorts of creatures, big and small. This expansion of our world leads us once again to the thought that we are not the only ones to have walked this earth, and we need to respect it like the creatures before us.

(All pictures, including the cover picture, was self-taken)

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