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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the March edition of our monthly newsletter! In this edition we'll give you a recap of what's happened in the previous month, as well as a look ahead to upcoming events. Clear skies!

- Carlos Salas, AIAA Historian

Upcoming March Events

Mock Interview Session w/ ASME - Practice makes perfect, so we've collaborated with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to host UH Alumni working in the aerospace industry to help you perfect your interview skills and land that dream job! Update your resumes, RSVP, and join us! March 3rd, 7pm - 9pm. Microsoft Teams link will be provided.

2nd General Meeting w/ APC - For our Spring's Second General Meeting we're happy to host the Aerospace Professionals Committee (APC), a panel of professionals, alumni and professors from various aerospace companies and organizations who will be discussing their experiences, offering advice and answering any questions you may have. March 4th, 7pm - 9pm. Zoom link will be provided.

AIAA-UH Online Social - Come hang out virtually and get to meet/know other members! March 26th, 7pm - 9pm.

Team Updates

Space City UAV - Have repaired "Milk Jug" and are planning to use her as a test bed for future experiments and design ideas. They have also made modifications to make night flying flying possible and are near completion with their design and are set to present a PDR to Alumni, Sponsors and Advisors. They have also started prototyping a mock up of their ideas.

Hobby Rocket Team - A big congratulations to Emily, Dom, V, Eric, J.P., and Gustavo for earning their Level 1 High Power Rocketry Certifications!

Space City Rocketry - Due to inclement weather, Space City Rocketry was unable to test launch Oberon at Tripoli Houston's South Site. However, the team continues working to improve their final design! Analysis keeps at their PCB design for their analysis bay. Avionics is nearly complete with verification testing, and nearing PCB design for their datalogger. Structures have began experimenting in X-Winding their first specimen. Recovery continues going over and perfecting recovery system procedures. And Propulsion is continuing research and design proposals for a motor test stand.

Recap of Events
Last month we held our First Spring General Meeting!
We showcased our organization and the many unique opportunities and projects we offer.
And we had the pleasure of hosting company representatives from KBR!
They generously presented us with the very many opportunities available to work with them and concurrently their customers, like the Johnson Space Center, SpaceX, and Boeing to name a few!
At the conclusion of the presentation, members were given a chance to have their questions answered.
A big thank you to KBR and their representatives: Stuart Black, Kris Falkenburg, Jonathan Hughes, and Ted Duchesne!
After an informative and thorough PDR (Preliminary Design Review)...
Some pressing questions and feedback from guest Alumni and Professionals...
And a rigorous Dry-Run of Test Launch operations...
We were ready to launch at Tripoli Houston's new South Site!
But while systems and preparations were nominal...
Cloudy and hazy conditions were not on our side.
Things were tense, but windows of opportunity were unfortunately unavailable for this Test Launch.
Still, we continued to learn new things and had an amazing time speaking with Tripoli Houston's amazing team!
So we press on and prepare for our next opportunity!

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That's all folks! See you next month! - AIAA-UH Officers
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