Feeding is ingestion of food by the agencies to provide their dietary needs, mainly to get energy and develop.

5 sports that help you a lot to have a healthy lifestyle.

1. Swimming: It consists in swimming and it helps you to exercise all the muscles of the body because you must to stay afloat with your legs and with your adonimals and at tha same time you must to swimm with your hands.

2. Tai chi: it origin is chinese it consists of doing a series of elegant movements, people that teach that lessons have a lot of levels, it means that people of a lot of ages can practise this sport.

3. Running: Is a complex process and cordinated that exercise all the body there are a lot of differents running some of they are: barefoot running, running pool, trail running, cross running.

4. Zumba: it consists to doing aerobics rutines and it serves to keep the body healthy and for develop and strengthen the flexibility doing dancing movements.

5. Cycling: it consists to ride a bike and it helps you to strengthen the muscular composition and to give resistance to the muscles and you move all your body with the cycling.

3 healthy food to have a healthy life.

1. Apples: they are a very good antioxidants soruces.

2. Blue fish: it helps in cancer and it contribute fats omega 3 very important for the heart health.

3. Avocado: It have a high content of fibre, their fats are beneficial for the health and they found that the nutrients extracted of the avocado had be able to destroy some precancerous cells.


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