Are you ready to up-level your health + wellness? I can't wait to guide you there

Two of my favourite things to do is learn and teach, and I'm excited for you to walk this pathway to wellness with me. I'll be sure to equip you with all the resources, education and tools you'll need to feel empowered in your health and home.

Let's talk about the three ways to purchase doTERRA...

1. First is Retail Cost (though no one really buys retail because it is the most expensive way to purchase dōTERRA, and you don't get any education + support with your oils!) Click Here to shop Retail. Click on "Shop"

2. Next is Wholesale Cost This option is great if you'd like to "Build your own Starter Package." You start with a Membership ($42 CAD) and you add on what ever you'd like. Click Here to shop Wholesale

3. Below Wholesale Cost, If you like to get the best Value— this option is for you. You get your membership for free and you get to choose from any of doTERRA's great starter packages. Scroll down to check out your options!

STEP ONE: Choose your Starter Kit

Healthy Essentials

This package is available in Canada + USA and is my top recommendation. These 10 oils will help support hundreds of common ailments in your home and with the help of the Petal 2.0 diffuser, you'll be on your way to feeling more physically, emotionally + spiritually balanced in no time at all. Tap the button below to order!

Healthy Home

THIS is the package to start with if budget allows. This package includes a great selection of our On Guard product line — you can literally get rid of every cleaner in your house! (I'll show you how on your Wellness Consult) The Shampoo and Conditioner are incomparable to store bought, the gorgeous "Brevy" diffuser packs a powerful punch, and the top 10 oils have you covered for hundreds of common ailments. (It even comes with a non-toxic hand sanitizer + hand soap!) Tap the button below to order!

Healthy Start

If you're looking for a great (gorgeous + powerful) diffuser and some serious first defence physical + emotional health support — this is for you. Especially if you're on a Budget! This package has the Top 10 most used oils that will support hundreds of common ailments right in your home. Grab it by clicking the link below!

Simple Solutions

And last but not least this is the perfect kit for those of us wanting to get started today and build on their collection over time. If pain management, sleep support and building a strong immune response are at the top of your priorities, then this is the kit for you!

STEP TWO: Become a Member!

1. Choose a Starter Kit link above, or go to mydoterra.com/ashleyalexandra

2. Click Shop - Pick your starter kit or membership and add any additional products you may want

3. Review your order

4. Become a Member

5. Bundle your Products or Continue

6. Click Shopping Bag

7. Proceed to Checkout

8. Create your account — fill in your details

9. Make sure you have Ashley Vincent as your Wellness Advocate (ID# 7171563)

10. Select your region/ language

11. Enter your payment info and process. 🙌

PS: If you need any help deciding on which kit would work best for you and your family, feel free to reach out to me! I'd be happy to chat with you :)


STEP THREE: Connect with Ashley!

Welcome welcome! Now that you're a part of our community, I'm excited to meet up with you (virtually or in-person) and go through your oils! This "wellness consult" is a chance for me to show you all about the oils you started with and guide you to start integrating them into your family's day to day lives.

When you're all set up, send me a message (or email) - I will have a little package of goodies to send you in the mail, including your Welcome gift and some supplies to get you started using your oils with confidence!

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Ashley xox

There are three pathways within doTERRA...

I know you're here because you see value in living a more natural + holistic lifestyle. All of us start here, whether we are looking for natural support to reduce toxicity in our homes or to support physical, emotional or spiritual wellness. We all start with oils, learning and loving them.

Pathway 1: Living the Wellness Lifestyle

Once we get our oils, we start experimenting with them, educating ourselves on new ways to utilize our oils for our Family's needs — some of us can't help but share what's been working for us. We begin by telling people we care about and people start asking us how they can get their own oils. doTERRA loves compensating people for sharing oils.

Pathway 2: Sharing

Some of us that start sharing our oils, we start to see the massive impact that these oils have on people we share with. We literally witness lives change, people change for the better. Not only do we see the the incredible impact our sharing brings, but we also begin to be compensated by doTERRA and get our oils paid for, just for sharing something we love.

For some of us, we begin to redirect spending and we begin to really truly develop our Wellness Lifestyle. We begin to explore the Vision behind doTERRA as a company and what partnering with doTERRA could really mean for us and our Family. We become so passionate about these oils, co-impact sourcing, the Healing Hands Foundation, doTERRA as a Heart Led Company, and the endless possibility + potential that we decide to commit more of our focus and intention into sharing this Lifestyle.

Pathway 3: Building a Business

We discover that by sharing these little bottles + the Wellness Lifestyle, we not only impact our family and those around us that we help with oils — but people + family's all over the world.

We begin to see how generous doTERRA's compensation plan is and we begin to Dream. Not only can we help our family build a sustainable residual income by sharing what we love, but we can help family's and friends that we love and care about create their dream life on their own Terms. Check out the "Build Guide" below to see a glimpse of doTERRA's compensation plan + Vision.

I would love to know if Pathway 2 or 3 speak to you, and if so please feel free to reach out at any point. For most of us that decide to partner with doTERRA, it is a natural progression through the pathways.

I am here to support you all along the journey!

I'm so grateful and excited to get to know and support you on your pathway to wellness. Thank you, this is going to be an awesome adventure and I'm happy you're here!

Ashley Vincent

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Ashley Vincent