Tool Time By Mike McGary

Did you know that animals use millions and millions of tools each day? Every animal uses tools on land and in the sea.

Firstly, animals use land tools and elephants are a good example for an animal that uses land tools. They use sticks to swat flies away from its back. A chimpanzee is another good example as it uses a piece of grass to “fish” for termites. Striated herons use tools too. They use twigs, berries, and live insects and they use them as bait when they go fishing. Orangutans use leaves as tools. They blow onto the leaves like a whistle it scares its predators off.

Animals use underwater tools to. A dolphin is a good example it uses sponges to protect its nose from rough rocks or stones. Isn’t it amazing that it can think about that stuff. I think it’s great. Another good example is an octopus. Octopuses use shells like a suit of armor to protect itself. Isn’t it cool it can do that? I think it is.

Lastly now you know about different tools.

Now you should watch these animals use these tools.

Created By
Michael Mcgary

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