Year 5 Homework

28.04.17 - This week, we would like you to read a range of news articles. Here are some ideas:
28.04.17 - This week in maths, we would like you to have a go at some multiplication games. Chose your difficulty from the chili level. Have fun!
28.04.17 - ART HOMEWORK - Silhouettes

From one of your news stories, you need to illustrate the scenario so that the teacher might know what the news story is about.

Sketch the outline of main people involved to create silhouettes. You can either colour in the silhouettes and cut them out or create a background. Take a photo of your art and send to your class teacher OR bring it in on Wednesday!

Example: London Marathon

05.05.17 - This week, we would like you to create headlines for news articles.

Look at the four stories. Now think of some catchy headlines for them:

1. The Sheffield United out all team played against Sheffield Wednesday and scored 5-6 in a great game. The crowd was really loud as Jamie scored 2 goals, one after another.

2. A hurricane disaster happened yesterday, in Florida. The death toll has reached 200 and there are still more to be confirmed. Families have had their homes ruined.

3. An obese dog was found stuck in a fence, unable to pull its plump body through the gap as it tried to chase after a rabbit. Firemen came to the rescue and cut the fence to free it.

4. A mother and son were reunited last night in a police station. The son had been missing for months, ever since he had gone to Thailand for a 2 week holiday.


We would like you to choose an organ and research it. Think about what the function of your organ is as well as any other facts. You can present your findings in any way you like. For example, poster, leaflet or presentation etc. You could even try to make a spark page by clicking the 'create your own' button at the top of this page and log in with your school google account.

Remember: An organ is a part of your body that performs a specific function: like your brain, lungs, or skin. You might not use the word organ often, but you use organs every second — imagine getting through a day without your heart or skin.


This week in maths, we have been looking at multiplication. For homework, we would like you to apply your understanding of multiplication by completing the task given to you by your teacher using the column method.

Watch this video for support on how to use the column method for long multiplication.

12.05.17 - English homework

This week, your English homework is to practice your SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) skills. Complete the sheets, which have been given to you by your class teacher.

12.05.17 - Maths homework

This week, we have been learning about multiplication and division using formal written methods. We would like you to practice your skills by answering worded problems. There will be questions stuck into your books for you to answer.

12.05.17 - Science homework.

As we are now learning about the human body, the lungs in particular, we would like you to watch a video about the lungs and then complete a quiz to test your knowledge. You can show someone at home (or homework club) your result and ask them to sign your diary with your score from the quiz to prove to us that you have completed your homework. Have fun!

19.05.17 - Theme homework

Our new topic will focus on the Tudors. As homework this week, we would like you to research the lives of wealthy Tudors. This could be monarchs or simply wealthy civilians. As research you may choose one of the following options:

- Visit a Tudor house, take photographs and share with the class.

- Research the lives of wealthy Tudors using books and the internet.

- Choose a specific area to research such as clothing, houses or food that the wealthy people experienced.

You can be creative with how you present your research: posters, leaflets, presentations.

19.05.17 - Maths homework

We have been learning about the 4 operations in our maths lessons. This week, we would like you to complete Sudoku problems. Choose from the problems below and record into your learning log.

19.05.17 - English homework

Recently, we have been learning about newspapers. This week, we would like you to complete a First News reading comprehension. This can be found in your English Learning Log.


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