NMS DEE All Bout Profit Muzik

Video Title: NMS Dee - All week (Official Music Video)

NMS Dee Is a street rapper from Jonesboro, Arkansas who has dreams of breaking into music industry and telling his story. His music consists of his family struggles and hopes to help people through his lyrics. NMS Dee future plans of being a real estate agent and giving back to the youth in low income communities.

NMS Dee is fairly new rapper, even though NMS Dee is a new artist he’s managed to work with other artists such as Helluva , RJ , and Quay Global. NMS Dee is known to go get it regardless of the situation

One accomplishment NMS Dee has made is putting the street sh*t down. Currently NMS Dee will be releasing a mix tape with a new producer named Feezie.

NMS Dee mother and brother were his biggest Influences growing up, seeing them sing / rap all day made him think "what I would sound like if I were to rap". NMS Dee family is the reason why he raps today.

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