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"13 Reasons Why" by: Jay Asher is a book about a girl named Hannah Baker who commits suicide and leaves tapes explaining there's thirteen reasons why she did it. Her high school friend and crush Clay Jensen finds the tapes at his door one day while coming home from school. The tapes were sent to 8 other houses first, but it was his turn this time. And once he's finished with it it's supposed to go to 4 more people.

1: the first friend Hannah made when she first moved there Justin, who kissed her, and she developed a crush on him, but he told his friends that they did more than just kissing, that rumor got spread around the whole school and Hannah was called a slut.

2: Alex, who was once her friend until he destroyed the friendship by making a "hot or not" list, he put Hannah down as having a "nice ass" which only increased the school calling her a slut.

3: Jessica, who was once friends with Hannah but threw it away because of the "hot or not" list, after reading the list Jessica walked up to Hannah and slapped her, the slap ended up leaving a scar on her forehead.

4: Tyler, a classmate of Hannahs who's in the school yearbook, it turns out that Tyler was taking pictures of Hannah through her bedroom window, she blames Tyler for making her feel like she's not safe in her own home.

5: Courtney, who used Hannah to make herself more popular, Courtney was known as the "good girl"in the school, but Hannah knew that was just an act when she spread rumors about the "dirty messages" Hannah would send her, making Hannah seem like an even bigger slut.

6: Marcus, who believed the rumors about Hannah and tried to take advantage of her because of it

7: Zach, who tried to comfort Hannah after what happened with Marcus, but it turns out he was only doing it because he was dared. And on Valentines day the teacher asked everyone to write an anonymous note to each other, and he took them all out of her locker before she could read them, and when Hannah caught him he never apologized, he just ran off.

8: Ryan, the editor of the Lost 'N Found column in the schools paper, he stole a poem the Hannah wrote about her personal problems and printed it on the paper for the entire school to see, at first no one knew it way by Hannah because he published it anomalously, but once students found out it was by her they started to pick on her about her personal problems, she blames Ryan for making her feel like not even her own thoughts were safe from scrunity.

9: Clay, the only exception with Clay was that he didn't make her kill herself so she felt bad about putting his name on the list, in fact Clay was the nicest person to her, she felt the need to put his name on the list because at a party and hung out and talked for a bit, they then went into the bathroom and started making out, but Hannah was afraid that Clay was going to be like Justin so she started crying, Clay was trying to calm her down but nothing would work, eventually he gave up and left her alone crying in the bathroom. Hannah hopes the tapes will help explain everything.

After listening to the tapes for a while, Hannah starts telling Clay places to go, so he goes there, while there he sees their classmate Tony, while trying to talk to Tony, Clay notices that he keeps looking at the tapes, Clay knew that meant Tony had something to so with Hannah committing suicide and he demanded to know what Tony did, but when he asked Tony his only reply was "just keep listening to the tapes", but Clay kept insisting, eventually Tony gives in and admits that he's the unnamed person who made a second copy of all the tapes and he threatens to put them on the internet is the tapes don't reach all 13 people on the list, horrified Clay left and kept listening to the tapes.

On the tapes Hannah talks about how the 10th person should be Justin, but she figured he'd already seen them so she insists that they should go to Jenny instead. Hannah also talks about how at the party after Clay left the bathroom, she ran to a closet and hid in there, but before she made it to the closet she saw a drunk Jessica get dragged into a room with Justin and one of his friends, Justins friend raped Jessica while Justin guarded the door, Hannah was mad and disappointing in herself for not speaking up and doing anything.

11: Jenny, the cheerleader who offered Hannah a ride from the house party. but Jenny ended up crashing and taking down a stop sign, and after Hannah tried to call the police she kicked Hannah out to her car and drove off. 2 car crashes happened that night because of the knocked down stop sign, and a classmate was killed in one crash, but neither Hannah or Jenny stepped forward and took the blame.

12: Bryce, after the house party died down, Hannah came out of the closet and saw Bryce and Courtney in the hot tub, they invited her to join them so she did(not nude or anything) Hannah talks about how Bryce pressured her into sleeping with him while Courtney just "turned a blind eye", Clay knew why Bryce was really on the list, Bryce was the one who raped Jessica.

13: Mr. Porter, the school's counselor, Hannah talks to him about her desire to kill herself, and Mr. Porter, just talks about pressing charges against Bryce, then move on, after he said that Hannah ran out of his office, her mind set on killing herself, and he didn't even try to go after her to fix things, he just let her go, Hannah says "I'm sorry" before the tape ends, she stays on the tape to say 2 final words before it's over "Thank You" then the tape ends.

The next day Clay goes to school like normal, but he can't stop thinking about Hannah, then he spots a girl named Skye, who he suspects is suicidal, Clay reaches out to her, not wanting to go through what happened to Hannah again.

About the author: Jay grew up with a family who encouraged him to follow his dreams from playing guitar to writing. He's published two books "13 Reasons Why" and "The Future Of Us". He was born on September 30, 1975. Married to Joan Marie.

What I liked: I loved the idea of the tapes to make the people who did her wrong know what they did but what I didn't like: was the fact that she put Clay on the tapes, if he didn't do anything to make her want to commit suicide then why put his name in there, if he was different then why not put it in a letter and give that to him?

What I didn't like about the book: They never told us what happened to the tapes after everyone listened to them (or if they did I don't remember).

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