Louisville Kentucky by: tiara winters

Where Its Located

The Ohio River

Louisville is located by the Ohio river. these rivers define Kentucky's boundaries. The south side of Kentucky is bordered with the Ohio river. It separates west Virginia and Kentucky from the north east.


The Horse Races

Kentucky is known for alcohol. horse racing and, college basketball. Kentucky is considered to be southern. In the 19th century German Immigrants migrated to Kentucky. They settled mostly in the west, and Kentucky was a slave state. They are also known for breading through bred horses.

Their History

The Pilgrims That Migrated To Kentucky

The region we know as Kentucky was inherited in ancient years by peoples whose extant romaine's include of artifacts. In 1792 Kentucky became the fifteenth state. Louisville became a city in 1828.

Kentucky's Economy

A Kentucky Farm

Farming is a main source of income in Kentucky. They farm and grow apples, hay, corn, milk, soybeans,and wheat. They also have beef cattle, broilers, hog, and horses. They mine coal, crushed stone, limestone, petroleum, and natural gas.

Things To Do

All Sights In Louisville

Louisville is famous for the Kentucky derby. this last for five weeks. About 50 miles away from Louisville is located. Louisville also have an art museum. Cumber land national park is a great tourist attraction.

Recent News/Happing's

Shooting In Louisville Kentucky

A 23 year old man named Zachary was shot in his apartment by Randel Carmon. Randel is 22 years old. Randel was from pleasure Ville Kentucky. He was arrested January tenth 2017. Zachary was killed with one gun shot.

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