2nd Semester Troy cameron

What skills did you develop in art techniques or concepts? The skills that I developed was I can write my name in different ways and make it look cool. I like to sit around and write my name so I wanted to make a project to write my name and make it big. And in the background I put the Chevy symbol because Chevy is the best truck made. How did you improve? I improved by making my letters a lot bigger and making them look good and I also improved on my marker skills.

How is this project meaningful? This project is meaningful because I put my favorite truck symbol in the background. What is more meaningful is that my T is like the American flag, this is meaningful because I love living in America and I don't ever want to leave. The R has the Ridgemont colors and I like this because I love going to Ridgemont because we are one big family. The O is a truck tire, I made it a truck tire because it is the same shape and it reminds me about truck pulling and how much I miss it. And the Y is like smoke stacks for a diesel, I did this because I like diesel more than gas and diesels are a lot better.

What would you change or do differently if you were to do this project again? I would not make it on paper and do like a welded metal project. Lately we have been talking about doing some welding projects so I thought that would be cool to do.

How does your art reflect topics of importance to you? My art reflects topics that are important to me by the American flag, r for Ridgemont, o for a tire, y for smoke stacks, and the Chevy symbol. Like I said above these all are important by different reasons.

March 24, 2017

How did your skills, techniques or concepts improve? During welding my skills improved because the more I was practicing the better I got so now later in life I know I can weld. When welding so have to stay close to the metal, go slow, and make little circles so when you grind it down it will look better. I had a couple mess ups but you will have that.

What artistic behavior did you exhibit during the course of your work? The artistic behavior that I think that fits for me is taking risks. I say this because I went back to try to work on clay again. The last time I worked with it failed so I gave up but I ended up trying again. This timed it turned out good so I still have been working on it more and more.

How is this project meaningful? This project is meaningful because the first time I worked with clay it failed and I finally went back and tried it again after a long time of saying I wasn't going to do it again. What makes it meaningful is you should never give up on anything before you try it again.

What do you like best about what you have been working on? What I like the most is that I went and worked with clay again and it turned out good. Also I really like the welding because I can make neat things out of it and my welding skills will get better so now if dad needs help with welding I can help him with it.

May 18, 2017

This is what my little pot turned out as. I made this for my mom for Mother's day. I thought it turned out good for being my first clay project after saying that I really hate clay and I was never going to work with it but I ended up making a pot just for my mom since she wanted me to.

This was a thing that Chase made and he didn't want to glaze it so I wanted to because I thought it would be fun and here it turns out that I really like to glaze things. I have fun glazing things and making them look neat and a little different to see how it turns out. I didn't get a picture of it after the glaze fire but if I remember it turned out good. So I might glaze more things if people don't want to do it themself.

Here is what I have been working on lately because I like it a lot. This was with a stick welder and I use to say how stupid stick was and I never wanted to use it but after more and more practice I got better at it now I kinda like the stick welder. My favorite welder is the mig welder but I don't have any pictures from it. But I have been working with welding a lot now because I like it and I might go to college for it.

This is a picture of a motor that I tore apart today and I'm going to use it for my welding project. You can use a lot of the little parts off the motor for a neat project that I might make but I'm still thinking on what I want to make right now.

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