Structures I: Project 1 Joe SCherer

For this project my partner and I designed and built a static equilibrium model. We used a cube as a deadweight (load), and supported it with a strings and rods. The strings were used for tension and the rods for compression. The cube had to be supported by only tensile and compression elements. No Glue was allowed to be used.
My group's model was set up with two posts(compression) pushing the cube out at an angle while being held from falling by string(tension) that held it to the posts.
Above is a study model of the final model. In this study model locations and directions of the rods were tested. During the construction process I would hold the model in place and my partner(Lydia Gandy) would wrap the string around the cube to the two posts.
There are two fixed connections on the base. The two sets of posts that are set into the base go out at different directions. One set goes and pushed against the cube. The other one goes up to where the string attached from the cube. The string attachment is a pin.

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