Jan Brueghel the Elder By: Ella Erwin

Jan Bruegel the Elder was an important artist in the Renaissance time period and was alive from 1568 to 1625. The name of this painting of his is "Flowers in a Wooden Vessel" and was created from 1606 to 1607. Today, this painting can be found at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna.

This painting shows naturalism because the earthy colors resemble what is natural in this world. It is also a representation of naturalism because there are dead flowers scattered around the bowl, showing the reality of all things coming to an end and nothing lasting forever.

My Opinion and Description: "Flowers in a Wooden Vessel" is a painting that, in my opinion, was created to show the costs and benefits of everyday situations. When I look at this piece of art, I see the hardships and simple joys that are apart of our everyday lives. I find this piece of art interesting because it has such a beautiful contrast of colors between the flowers themselves and the background and leaves. To me, this piece of artwork shows that there will always be good to come with the bad in our lives and that nothing is perfect.

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