Twitter: Soviet Union If the leaders of the soviet union had twitter

@Joseph_Stalin First five year plan for building a socialist exonemy ever!!!

@Joseph_Stalin Trying to keep the peace with Germany don't worry.

@Joseph_Stalin The Germans didn't keep their peace, hold them back!!

@Joseph_Stalin Finally pushing them back. Go away you Germ-ans.

@TheOfficialKhrushchev I guess I am now the powerful figure in the Soviet Union. I will open up the Soviet way of life.

@TheOfficialKrushchev Today you will find ou the truth about @Joseph_Stalin today.

@TheOfficialKrushchev I've been voted out by an executive committee. Good luck Soviet Union.

@Brezhnev Things are not working with @Alex_Kosygin and @Nikolai_Podgorny So I am the solo leader.

@Brezhnev Sorry west but it had to happen.

@Gorbachev I am your leader now, Soviet Union

@Gorbachev Made a deal with @USA and @Ronald_Reagen to remove my nuclea missiles from Europe.

@Gorbachev I insist that you all will keep your Sovereign rights to choose your own social system.

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