The Wise Shopper By sarah morgan

This desk is a Gen X executive desk covered with a white finish with two draws and a glass door cabinet with shelf. It has a slide out keyboard drawer and glass desktop. The width is 150 cm and depth is 76 cm.

The look of the product has to draw me in before I start thinking about any other key factors. Price is very important, I don't want to pay a fortune for a product that is not satisfactory. Having it to my specifications is important for a work desk; having draws to put all my documents in and having enough room to put my stationary and computer. The brand is not as important unless I have doubts. I will research or find reviews about the product and the convenience of it before I make a decision. I don't want to spend money on an expensive product that does not give me the features I want and need. It not only needs to look good but be functional and preferably fit in with other furniture that I already have. At the same time, I don't want it to be too imposing. This desk has the added benefit of being an Eco-friendly product being made from natural resources such as wood, glass and metal.

After browsing for the perfect desk Harvey Norman just seemed to have the perfect item for what it was needed for. Harvey Norman is a well-known business for technology, home necessities and furniture. Many people think Harvey Norman Is a reliable source because it is so popular therefore there cannot be to many complications with buying a product for their otherwise it would not be so successful. In my opinion I agree with the crowd and enjoy the experiences I have had when I have gone there. From good customer support and help to good quality products. When starting their business they have created a good image for themselves to be the people that do not look for that much business but to find the perfect product to suit the needs of their customer.

Direct debit is using your own money that you have saved in your bank account to purchase goods where as a credit card is borrowing money from the bank to spend in the moment and at the end of a month you receive a bill with a list of product that you bought and you have to pay them back. When it comes to expensive items i would usually pay using a credit card but if the product is not urgent, i will save up for the enjoyment of accomplishment when i finally have bought the good and i will pay using a debit card. When using a credit card i have easy access to it but i also have to think about the long term situation that will arise if i purchase a product, but many people do not think ahead and scan the card and end up with mounds of unpaid credit card debt.

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