March On Washington August 28, 1963. By, Michael Voxland

What led to this event happening?

The discrimination against African Americans played a big part. Job discrimination, segregated schools, and other factors contributed to the march taking place. There were marches planned in the 1940's, but they never happened, but as segregation got worse in the post war years they planned this new march for economic and civil equality.

What was the goal of the march?

The goal was to gain equality economically, socially, and gain equality in public schools.

What was the demographic involved?

There were many people involved in the march. Young people, old people, people of color, white people. It seemed everyone couldn't see their differences that society emphasized and joined together to push the government to give everyone the same economic opportunities.

What important people were involved?

Philip Randolph, Whitney M. Young Jr., Martin Luther King Jr., James Farmer, Roy Wilkins and John Lewis. These Civil Rights leaders organized the march where Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

What obstacles did they face?

The march faced resistance from pro segregationists and they faced the possibility of the government not passing the desired laws they wanted. They were able to overcome these by staging the peaceful march that got the attention of the government.

Effect on today

The lasting effect the march had on history is it was a turning point for the Civil Rights movement. It pressed Washington to pass laws that destroyed segregation and gave African Americans equal economic opportunities as the white citizens.

Modern day event: Women's march on Washington.

When did this event take place?

This event occurred in January of 2017. It drew 500,000 people to march towards the White House. Marches occurred all around the world

What did this event accomplish?

Nothing really. These marches were held in protest to "anti women" remarks made by President Donald Trump, and to protest him becoming president. After this march took place nothing changed in Washington, and nobody even remembers it happening, unlike the civil rights march.

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