GCH Kelso's Moon Dancin', RE, HSAs, VA, ROM, ROM-P Interview by Collies Online with Nancy Kelso, DVM

Tell us about his breeding and how you selected the sire and dam for this breeding?

The challenge of my breeding program is to produce conformationally beautiful collies that excel in performance and health.

Prince's dam, "Cavy," Kelso's Dancin' With Joy, HXAs was a blend of Millknock, Tartanside, Twin City, and my foundation Pickwick bitch. Her sire, CH Millknock Walkin' on Coals, HT (2nd, 1997 CCA), was a beautiful tri dog with beautiful muzzle, skull, expression and body. Her dam, Kelso's Good Grief, HS, had beautiful outline, muzzle and expression, with serious herding drive. Cavy was a nice bitch with high energy, and a very serious herding dog, who was intense about everything she did. This intensity honored her as the #1 herding collie in 2004.

"Banner," Prince's sire, CH Millknock Moonstone, was a stunning dog with a gorgeous color and coat, who won the Collie Club of America National Specialty Best Bred-by Exhibitor Class in 1999. Banner's dam was the beautiful and talented CH Millknock Blue Note, CD, ROM ("Ruby") and Banner's sire was the handsome CH Barksdale Formality (1st, BBE 1997 CCA). Banner brought the sweet, soft expression, coat, muzzle and temperament, which complemented Prince's dam Cavy. They both brought beautiful outline, movement, correct head planes and stop.

What qualities and virtues have been contributed by key dogs in his pedigree?

Thanks to Marianne Sullivan for producing many dogs behind Prince. She demands beautiful dogs, who are sound in body and temperament for performance. As a result, Prince's pedigree is packed full of beautiful CCA National Specialty winners and performance stars.

My foundation bitch (Prince's great grandmother), "Banana," CH Pickwick Christmas Morning, CDX, PT, TOM, VX (winner of the Veterans Class -- 1998 and 1999), taught me what a beautiful, healthy and talented collie can be and not to ever settle for less.

What are Prince’s most notable virtues?

A non-stop show dog, Prince was an eye-catcher, who exuded joy. His beautiful, bright blue, well-fitting coat and exceptional outline drew judges in. His sweet expression smiled back. Going over Prince's head confirmed the quality of his head -- parallel planes, stop, lack of depth, smooth and round muzzle with nice finish.

In addition, he was a very healthy dog with CHIC health certification, including an unusual MDR1 normal/normal genotype.

Comment on virtues of the stud dog's get.

Prince stamped the body outline on his pups along with expression, stop, head planes, movement and showmanship. For the many people who bred to him for performance, he shared his confidence, drive and biddability.

Prince has a record of great achievement. Tell us about the achievements for which you are most proud.

There are so many things . . . I'm so proud of Prince for achieving Register of Merit (ROM), producing 21 champions despite only being bred a dozen times. I am equally proud of his performance get, making him the # 1 ROM-P, ever.

In addition, it was such a thrill representing the Rough Collie at Westminster, winning multiple Best in Specialty Show awards, all-breed Best in Show, and his high ranking in the Herding Group. None of these wins would have been possible without handler, Pete Denbow. We spent many hours driving back and forth to Pete's since Prince continued to live at home between shows and campaign nearby. In Prince's very limited spare time he was a natural at herding and performance, including a Reserve High in Trial on sheep. His achievements are all dreams, come true.

Register of Merit Progeny

CH Kelso's Sun Dancin', PT

CH Kelso-Millknock Smoochin' Under The Moonlight, PT

CH Millknock Mockingbird

CH Ashbury Moonlight Drive (Left), CH Kelso's Sweet Talkin' On The Moon, PT (Middle), CH Lachki Ashbury Divine Inspiration (Right)

CH Kelso's Livin' Large, RN

CH Bonleigh's Dancin' On The Moon

CH Overland Blue Moon Rising, RN, BN

CH Overland Dancin' With The Stars

GCHB Travler's Life In The Fast Lane, BN, CGC, HIC (Left), CH Travler's Eclipse (Right)

GCH Mountainside Beulah Land, CD, PCD, BN, RM, HSAs, MXP3, MXPB, MJP2, MJPB, OFP, THDX, TKP

CH MACH Forecast Perfect Storm Dancin', HSAds, HIAd, MXB2, MJG, NAP, MFB, T2B3, TKN

GCH CH Wynhaven's Moon Shadow, BN, RN, HSAds, HSBd, AX, AXJ, NJP, OF

GCH DC Wynhaven's Just Do It, CD, BN, RA, HSAds, HSBd, HIAds, HIBd, HXAds, HXBd, AX, AXJ, NJP, XF

CH Wynhaven's Blackjack, VCD3, PCDX, BN, RAE, HSAd, MXP, MJP, XFP, T2BP, CGCA

CH Wynhaven's Moonstruck, BN, RN, HT

CH Kelso's Celestial Gold, CDX, GN, RA, AX, AXJ

CH PACH Branestorm Unforgettable, RN, HSAs, OA, OAJ, MXP6, MXPS, MJP5, MJPS, PAX, CGC

CH MACH6 Millknock Masked Rider, CDX, RN, PT, MXB3, MJS3, MXF, T2B5, TKA

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