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A Passion For Adobe Software

THAT PC-MAC THING ~ My college runs PCs. While I am a dyed-in-the-wool Mac guy, I love that my only adjustment when doing demonstrations for my students is stating: "Command on a Mac, Control on a PC." Unlike every other software that I use on both a PC and my Mac workstation, Adobe retains a UX consistency that is an absolute joy to experience. STUDENT LAUGHTER ~ My enthusiasm for Adobe has brought laughter from my students when I extol its virtues; they've wondered aloud if I I'm getting paid to say the things I say! At the core of this is my love of Adobe Bridge; it is central to my workflow - even with Lightroom. And while many of my professional colleagues are using other softwares for digital management I hold true to the functionality of Bridge. TWENTY YEARS AND COUNTING ~ I've watched Adobe software grow since first experiencing Photoshop as a magazine managing editor in the early 90s. ADOBE CAMPUS LEADER ~ I never would have imagined Adobe would become central to my professional and education work. Teaching has allowed me to bring my experience and love of Adobe to hundreds of students and educators over the years and countless numbers of them in the future. Being an Adobe Campus Leader would be an honor and a validation to my goals of helping others experience how Adobe will change the way they communicate.

A bit of background

From Photojournalism to the Classroom: Pathways to Passion

By Matthew Eric Lit

BEFORE TEACHING 1995 ~ I was in the viewfinder though I can't say I was inspired. Walking away from a career as an award-winning photojournalist I was now shooting commercial work and a managing editor for a fledgling four-color publication. Having completed a stint as an agency photographer in Israel four years earlier, I missed shooting documentary style and had not realized the gaping hole it had left. PATHWAYS ~ Springtime brought with it a renewed sense of emptiness in my photography and my time in the viewfinder. My neighbor, Tom Hart, was a dean at the local college. I approached him about teaching a class on documentary photography. I'll never forget his challenge. "That's a great idea, Matt. How are you going to teach it?" "Well," I stammered, "I'll...ummmm...I'll teach them what I did...what I think when I'm shooting and, um..." And he replied, "But how are you going to teach them?" INNER VISION ~ Inspired rather than rejected (something I always admired about Tom), I sat down at my laptop and let my mind wander back to being in the viewfinder as a photojournalist. And I wrote. And I processed. And I wrote more. THE FIRST OF MANY DOORS ~ Two days and 22 pages later I sat in Tom's office at Colorado Mountain College. Quietly he read through my course outline. I watched the smile spread across his face and grow even larger as he turned to look at me. That was in June of 1995. The course was titled, “Photographing People With A Documentary Approach”.

Teaching Composition

LEARNING TO TEACH ~ That fall I took EDU222, a course required of all new faculty. I still remember Tom’s enthusiasm teaching all of us; I still use the approaches learned every day that I’m in the classroom. I’ve taken that course twice now and each time learn more about teaching and inspiring students. TEACHING THE TEACHER ~ In 2011 I was asked by CMC’s Office of Innovations to create a training website for adjunct faculty. Named The A-Train, its intent was to teach teachers about the college, pedagogy and current trends in teaching. One year later I was elected Vice President of Adjunct Affairs and my love of teaching reached new heights. This new level of working with educators naturally led toward interdisciplinary collaborations and that is where my skills with Adobe software came into play. My ideas aligned with Adobe’s philosophies and has brought me here.

From my tutorial on Creative Camera Controls

My "Aha" Moment

New Pathways and Educational Opportunities

INSTILLING PASSION ~ My passion for education and sharing my knowledge has opened up new opportunities and keeps me striving both as an educator and a photographer. TEACHING KIDS ~ I was approached by a colleague to co-teach a week-long, intensive workshop for kids ages 10-15. Team-based with a project-outcome approach we brought 12 kids into our computer lab that first summer. The Summer Technology Institute ~ Using Adobe software we taught these kids how to share their voices through a digital vehicle. Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere were incorporated to create digital assets for an online presence. AYV ~ It was another two years before I heard about Adobe Youth Voices. When I read the course goals and outline I was so excited to realize how well our team had nailed that concept! That fall I completed the AYV certification and continually implement those lessons. AND THAT LED US TO THINK ~ One of my co-teachers, Marie Orlin, and I batted around the idea of bringing these exact skills to educators. We are currently advocating the creation of Adobe-based workshops for our faculty with the goal of bringing an Adobe-based digital voice to their students.

Current classes and workshops taught

  • Photojournalism • Community College of Denver • Denver, CO
  • Basic Digital Photography (ART139) • Colorado Mountain College • Breckenridge, CO
  • The River's Path Guided Canoe & Photography Workshops
  • Kremmling Photography Education Series

Sampling of Video Tutorials for learning & using Adobe Software

WORKFLOW: Adobe Bridge From Download To Export

Me and Apollo teaching a photography workshop!
Created By
Matthew Lit


Photography is © Matt Lit. Some of the photographs appearing in the "Aha" video are those of my students.

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