My bridge By luke siebers


  • 300 sticks
  • Glue
  • Measuring instrument
  • Elmers glue
  • Paper clips
  • Rubber bands
  • Styrofoam

Step 1- Making the Beams

  1. Start with creating the beams. You will make two short beams and two long beams.
  2. One short beam will sit on top of one long beam.
  3. For the long beams, line up 7 sticks. Then glue 6 sticks directly on top of the length of the 7 sticks directly on the middle of the other sticks (longways). When you are done you should have 50% of stick overhang on each end. Use paper clips as clamps to hold in place for drying.
Long beam (short beam will look similar)

Step 2- Connecting Beams

  1. Take one short beam and one long beam lay a short beam long ways. Then place a long beam below the short beam parallel to each other.
  2. Then glue two sticks angled at the ends connecting both beams together.
  3. Continue for previous process for other beams. Use the paper clips as clamps for drying process.

Step 3- Supporting Beam Structure

  1. Place a stick long ways. Next, angle a stick from top to bottom beam touching the stick you placed long ways.
  2. Continue this process to form triangles. Use paper clips for clamping during drying process.

Step 4- Connecting Both Frames

  1. Lay frames parallel to each other. The long beams should be facing the ceiling. Begin to glue X shapes along the bottom of the long beams. You should have 10 X shapes on the bottom. Allow this to dry.
  2. You should repeat the same process on the top of the bridge (short beams). You should only have 5 X shapes. Glue to bottom of both frames using rubber bands to clamp. Then let dry.
Glue to bottom of both frames using rubber bands to clamp.
This is what top of bridge should look like when complete.

Step 5- Platforms

  1. Lay 11 stick long ways. Then glue 6 sticks wide opposite to the 11 sticks. Then flip over and add 6 more sticks the same way on the other side.
  2. Then continue process for the 2nd platform. Attach platforms to both ends on the long beam side. Then let the glue dry.
Final product for platforms

The following below should be your final product.

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